4 Steps to safely enter 2016 with Fusion and leave your old provider behind

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Enough is enough! You can’t tolerate the dropped calls, the complaints from upper management, and the slow response time from customer service. You saw the signs of the breakup all along, and now it’s time to move onto something new. We have your answer! Check out Fusion’s four steps to better call quality and an everlasting business relationship.

1.) Find a Reliable Hosted VoIP Provider
Find a Reliable Hosted VoIP ProviderWhen ending a business relationship, the first step is to develop a new plan. Researching various business phone system providers is the first step towards ending your current business relationship. Performing research will expose you to new and exciting options! Fusion has been designing and implementing business phone systems for over 20 years. We are well versed in the obstacles your business faces, and we have the perfect cloud technologies that will surely help solve those problems. Contrary to popular belief, not all hosted VoIP providers are created the same. Fusion offers unique combinations of services that make a monumental difference to our customers.

2.) Check Numbers for Transportability
Check Numbers for TransportabilityTechnically speaking, all phone numbers should be eligible for porting. However, in order to ensure this possibility, a Fusion employee may assist you by checking our Customer Service Record (CSR) to confirm that the phone numbers can be transferred to your new business phone service with Fusion. Fusion’s dedicated customer service team will address any issues, should they arise. We wouldn’t want any numbers to be left behind!

3.) Determine Call Flow Configuration and Other Preconditions
Determine Call Flow Configuration and other PreconditionsPrior to setting up new services with Fusion, every client has the opportunity to speak to a Fusion representative in order to set the tone for implementation. During this process, we will identify and confirm any requirements related to user names, phone types, phone numbers, call routing, and voice mail. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have to fulfill all of your business needs. Essentially, this meeting serves as a blueprint for the successful installation of your requested services. Here at Fusion, customer satisfaction is our main goal!

4.) Choose Your Disconnect Date
Choose Your Disconnect DateI’m sure you are excited to pull the plug on your old provider and begin this new journey with Fusion, but it is important to follow proper protocol when disconnecting your existing service. Fusion will work with you to determine the ideal date to submit your disconnect request to your old provider. This is a crucial step that will ensure that the outgoing vender does not inadvertently interrupt your service prior to the completion of Fusion’s installation process.

Rejoice! You are now ready to install Fusion’s services for your business. You are well on your way to hands-on customer service and cutting edge systems to better your company’s communication efforts. Would you like to view a free demo? Of course you do! Head here to learn more: www.fusionconnect.com/forms/demo-request