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Corporate Security: Using Email Security to Detect and Prevent Phishing

What is phishing?

Phishing is an email message designed to look like it has come from a reputable source, with the aim of getting readers to change a password, fill out additional personal information or download an application or virus onto the recipients' computer. Phishing is intended to gain information that can be used to hack into businesses or steal an identity - and your employees should be made aware of how to avoid these scams.

Can you prevent phishing emails from entering your employees email inbox?

Email Security for Businesses and Employees - How Secure Is Your Email Password?

Modern businesses transmit sensitive, confidential and otherwise important data through email on a daily basis. From personally identifiable client information to proprietary company data, many businesses have good reason to be interested in improving their email security. But email security only begins with an improvement in technology -- to be truly successful, a company's security measures must also involve employee training.

Five steps to protect from Shadow IT

Shadow IT sounds sinister, like the dark side of IT, but in truth shadow IT often has good motives and at worst it is usually just misguided. Usually, shadow IT is the result of employees trying to do their job better, and using their initiative to solve problems that they perceive as important and neglected by the organization or by IT.

As such, shadow IT is an organizational problem, and typically can be countered by organizational solutions.

Threats of Cloud Computing Multiplied by Shadow IT

Three Trends Set To Define the SD-WAN Market In 2018

Software-defined WANs are transforming how businesses manage connectivity. With cloud computing, the internet of things, widespread mobile device use, and an increasingly distributed workforce converging, businesses need their network to accomplish flexibility and performance that has been either impossible or cost prohibitive in the past. SD-WAN technologies are changing these dynamic, empowering organizations to optimize their networks and ramp up performance in a cost-efficient way.

3 Disaster Recovery Trends Set to Shape 2018

The IT disaster recovery sector tends to be highly reactive, rather than proactive, in nature. Businesses will often neglect to prepare for disasters until they are hit full on or experience a close call. Then, suddenly, disaster recovery is a priority. It seems like every blizzard, hurricane, or large-scale power outage brings a new reminder that companies need to prepare for emergencies.

SD-WAN Is Rising As Businesses Contend With Data Center Diversity

The data center without walls movement began to gain momentum in the early 2010s. Since then, conversations around the concept have dwindled, but only because the situation has become so prevalent that it isn't trendy any more. Maintaining a data center without traditional boundaries is simply a reality of enterprise IT operations today.