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Why partnerships are key to optimizing cloud infrastructure management

Most IT teams have become accustomed to the vendor-based, subscription-driven cloud consumption model. They've learned to deal with limited service-level agreements, inadequate support, and pay-as-you-go programs that quickly utilize quarterly budgets.

4 reasons why your business continuity plan didn't work

"It" happened. Maybe it was one of those notorious January snowstorms or a really bad employee mistake. Whatever "it" was, your mission-critical systems went out of commission, and your business halted as a result.

Business continuity planning is a pretty complex investment. From making sure IT personnel understand their roles when disasters occur to testing system backup environments, a lot of essential pieces can fall out of place.

What was missing from your BC plan?

Fusion Customers Can Now Access Office 365!

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate. Anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Productivity-enhancing tools are more important than ever to businesses large and small. That's why Fusion is moving more to the cloud to continue to advance our customers' success.

Fusion has acquired Apptix, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for over 15 years, and now Fusion customers can access Office 365!

What are the advantages of using dedicated internet access?

Thanks to cloud computing, many system administrators rarely see the physical servers they use to host websites, run applications, store customer data, and support other facets of their employers' operations. More often than not, web-based control panels are their only window into the servers they manage, and those interactions occur over the public internet.

3 most common causes of IT disasters

In order to develop effective disaster recovery and business continuity strategies, you need to know which threats will most likely cause IT downtime. Each risk requires a different approach. You wouldn't react to an office fire in the same way you would a denial-of-service attack. You also need to hedge your bets and prepare for the events that are most likely to occur.

What are the three most common causes of IT disasters? Let's explore: