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Supercharge UC solutions with the cloud

For more than a decade, unified communications systems have wiggled their way into the enterprise environment, steadily changing the way that executives, managers and staffers interact with one another in the workplace and across regional boundaries. These days, UC is an entirely different animal, with new feature sets, stellar performance and seamless multichannel experiences.

Is the cloud the medicine the health care industry needs?

While some organizations immediately jumped on the cloud bandwagon, health care providers were once deemed laggards. They couldn't properly cite many of the benefits that other companies and associations were experiencing, and as a result, security fears held them back from harnessing the power of services such as hosted infrastructure, cloud voice and managed disaster recovery.

How to pick the perfect cloud provider

You don't need to be an expert technologists to see that not all cloud providers are created equal. It's 2016, and the cloud is everywhere. That means that you need to be a bit more discerning when it comes to locking down a set of IT solutions in the cloud. Here's a look at four key criteria that you should take into consideration when shopping around for cloud services. 

Cloud adoption on the rise, strategies severely lacking

Cloud computing has slowly but surely won over today's business leaders. Chief information officers understand that the cloud makes IT more agile and IT managers love these services because they improve workload flexibility. Meanwhile, finance professionals label the cloud a cost-saving tool, and other corporate directors assert the importance of this technology when it comes to providing their employees with software they need to be more productive.

Why your cloud needs to grow up

Organizations worldwide are cloud-crazy. Adoption rates of this technology reach new heights with each passing year, and many companies are already fully reliant on cloud services to power their tech stacks. It's safe to say that the cloud revolution has been a successful one.

But even though an organization may consider itself cloud-savvy, this does not guarantee cloud maturity, a key benchmark that has recently come into the spotlight.