Spring into Cash in Q2

Check out Fusion’s competitive Partner Spiffs in Q2. We give you the tools you need to build your pipeline and put cash in your pocket TODAY! Our partner spiff programs are geared to make it easy for you to make more money on the deals you do every day.

3X Partner Spiff for Residual Partners

Earn 3X MRR on top of standard commissions on Voice, UCaaS, SIP/PRI, SD-WAN, Security, and WiFi, PLUS earn up to $50 per POTS Line.

Valid through: June 30,2019

1X Referral Partner Spiff

Earn a 1X MRR spiff payout in addition to contracted one-time commission up to 3X MRR when combined. 1X on Voice, SIP, SD-WAN, Security, and WiFi.

Valid through: June 30,2019