Mobile Device Manager

Mobile devices such as phones and tablets are great productivity tools – but they also create a number of security and administrative challenges. Fusion is committed to keeping your business connected, and that means making sure you have the knowledge and the tools for effective mobile device management. Below you can learn more about the issues involved in managing your mobile devices, and discover the power of the Fusion Mobile Device Manager powered by AirWatch.

A more complete mobile device solution

Fusion Mobile Device Manager provides all of the benefits of a standard mobile device management solution, with additional support that only Fusion , a full-service Cloud services provider, can offer.  See the difference that Fusion MDM can bring.

Feature Comparison Fusion MDM Other MDM Providers
Includes initial setup assistance at no additional cost available Not Available
Includes ongoing solution support in monthly subscription fee available Not Available
Synchronizes user ID and password with your other Fusion services for easy enrollment and roll out service available Not Available


Find out how Fusion can make sure your employees have the data they need while at the same time protecting your corporate assets. Mobile phones and tablet devices are key components of today’s business environment. They provide easy, on-the-go access to information, so that work doesn’t stop when your employee leaves the office.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing trend that can boost employee productivity but at the same time causes a number of security and management challenges. Do you know the pros and cons of this exploding phenomenon?

Features & Benefits of Mobile Device Manager

Implement and enforce a secure mobile strategy with Mobile Device Manager. Mobile application management, access, and content can be monitored on both company-owned and employee-provided devices with the Fusion Mobile Device Manager. Company data can be secured, monitored, and even wiped from a single easy-to-use administrative console.