Sharepoint (Dedicated and Hosted)

Dedicated SharePoint

Dedicated SharePoint from Fusion is targeted at organizations with unique business collaboration requirements. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 enables you to manage content and business processes, find and share information and expertise, and simplify how people work together across organizational boundaries. In a dedicated environment, users with more complex needs have the security and flexibility to deploy third-party web parts, access all levels of site data, and implement server-side customizations that streamline work processes. Dedicated SharePoint is available in three different packages to meet any organization’s unique needs.

SharePoint Foundation 2010

Smaller organizations or departments looking for an entry-level solution for secure, web-based collaboration find an answer in SharePoint Foundation. It can be used to coordinate schedules, organize documents, and facilitate discussions through team workspaces, blogs, wikis, and document libraries on the platform that is the underlying infrastructure for SharePoint Server.

SharePoint Server 2010 Standard

SharePoint Server 2010 Standard provides a business collaboration platform that is useful across all types of content. Using the core capabilities of SharePoint allows organizations to manage content and business processes, find and share information and expertise, and simplify how people work together across geographical boundaries. It also supports creation of public Internet sites or basic extranets.

SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise is for organizations that need the full capabilities of SharePoint to support complex business requirements. It enables advanced scenarios for end users to locate, create, and act on all kinds of data and documents in a familiar way. It employs the full capabilities of SharePoint to fully interoperate with external line-of-business applications, Web services, and Microsoft Office client applications. Its support for rich data visualization, dashboards, analytics, forms, and workflows enables better teamwork and better decision-making for your business success.

Dedicated SharePoint Add-Ons

Fusion gives Dedicated SharePoint customers access to a wide range of additional applications to customize their SharePoint collaboration implementations. These Add-Ons give you the flexibility to unleash the full power of collaboration and communication available through Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint Professional Services

Fusion SharePoint Professional Services provide expert assistance to customers who want to extend the capabilities of their Fusion Hosted SharePoint service. Our SharePoint experts can help design, configure, and customize a SharePoint solution that addresses your organization’s unique needs and requirements.

Hosted SharePoint

Hosted SharePoint from Fusion is an affordable, Enterprise-class collaboration and content management platform that helps you cut costs, save time, and focus your resources on higher business priorities.

Boost Productivity with Collaboration Made Easy

Fusion Hosted SharePoint services make collaboration easy with a flexible, customizable platform that enables document sharing, workflows, discussion forums, and more. Utilizing Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010, it is a dynamic, powerful solution to empower teams to work together.

SharePoint Capabilities

Fusion offers a wide-range of add-on capabilities to maximize SharePoint functionality:

  • SharePoint SSL certificates – provide an additional level of data security.
  • Personalized URLs – of particular interest for customers developing a public-facing site.
  • Office Web Apps – Fusion supports browser-based versions of the Microsoft Office suite, for creating, editing, and sharing documents from within SharePoint, wherever you access it.
  • Specialized SharePoint Web Parts – enhance a site’s “out of the box” capabilities for rapid deployment and employee productivity, while SharePoint Active Directory synchronization provides customers a single point to create, modify, or delete accounts and passwords.
  • Fusion SharePoint Professional Services – available for those firms that require an added level of expertise to design, install, configure, and customize a solution that addresses their unique needs and requirements.