Private/Hybrid Cloud

Fusion’s fully integrated and comprehensive solutions drive efficiencies in hardware, software, network, management, maintenance and support, driving down costs as they enable you to plan on the basis of resources required, not individual servers or other hardware.  As a result, IT departments can rapidly adjust to meet fluctuating and unpredictable demands in a production-ready environment.  This means faster, easier deployment of new, mission-critical applications and removes obsolescence concerns.  Secure, HIPAA compliant data transfer and storage is assured, providing confidence and control.  Rapid deployment saves both time and money and provisioning is completed in minutes.  Utility pricing allows you to pay as you grow, with predictable monthly billing for resources used.

Dynamically scalable and virtualized resources drive efficiencies in:

  • Infrastructure
  • Network
  • Staff
  • Applications management
  • Business continuity and recovery

Resulting in:

  • Lower costs for plant, power and staff
  • Scalability and elasticity as peak-load network capacity is met on demand
  • Improved cost and network efficiencies for under-utilized resources
  • Increased end user control through powerful portal, also allowing performance monitoring and construction of new network architectures as required and on demand
  • Redundancy, improving reliability for business continuity and recovery
  • Agility, as technology, infrastructure and human resources can be deployed and/or re-provisioned to meet requirements in real time

Features Summary:

  • Private or hybrid solutions
  • Self-provisioning:  Server provisioning completed in minute - not hours
  • Burstable bandwidth options meet explosive data growth
  • Financial Control:  Pay as you grow with utility-based pricing
  • Opex model saves capital
  • Server redundancy:  Built-in failover for redundancy
  • Security:  Data center and network security built-in
  • Powerful management portal:  Allows control over resources and capacity
  • Comprehensive SLAs
  • Flexible contract terms