Access Data Anywhere, Anytime with a Virtual Cloud-based Platform

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions from Fusion feature customized software specifically designed to power your business at optimal levels. Provide team members easy access to the data they need right when they need it on smartphones, tablets, thin or even zero clients, along with other devices. Save on IT cost by paying for only the systems and storage that you use.

Fusion VDI solutions provide robust environments that help your organization boost productivity securely and effectively. Just imagine increasing employee productivity and collaboration, setting up secure remote access to applications and data, and running on a fast, powerful operating system, all at a fraction of what you’re currently paying.

Simplified System Management:

  • Control the use of mobile electronic devices across complex technological systems
  • Ensure that data remains secure and accessible across tablets and smartphones, laptops, and other devices
  • Scale up and down with ease as employees, contractors, and partners come and go through various departments

The Fusion solution allows users to set up specialty software in their own customized desktops. Users can then consolidate the number of servers that are currently supporting desktops and make the move to central management and deployment of both applications and updates with files stored in one easily accessible location.

All virtual desktops work independently of the devices they run on. You can run a virtual Microsoft Windows desktop with all the applications on an iPhone, for instance. With our DaaS, users can access the applications they need on any device, anywhere they want to. Desktops can also be run entirely on RAM. DaaS is poised at the forefront of the mobile revolution, transforming the traditional workplace and freeing employees from their desktop computers.

Increase Employee Output

Once your desktop is hosted virtually, manage applications and updates through our streamlined self-service portal. Your team will be less dependent on an over-burdened IT group for straightforward changes to software and passwords.

Key Features

  • Scalable, dynamic solutions based on your unique organizational needs
  • Powered by the HDX protocol complete with rich graphics and fast performance instantaneously
  • Runs in private and multi-tenant environments
  • Enterprise-grade security – all data is encrypted and backed up on a cloud-based platform
  • Pay for just what you use every month

Essential Benefits

  • Free up your IT department from day-to-day system updates and fire drills so they can focus on more revenue-generating projects
  • Savings on servers and software can go back into your bottom line
  • Control all data and applications while providing your employees the flexibility to be their most productive, anytime, anywhere
  • Have peace of mind with disaster recovery