Secure Mobile Device Management

Fusion has responded to the burgeoning growth in mobile device type and usage with a best-in-class solution that manages mobile devices across multiple platforms, including iOS, Blackberry and Windows mobile platforms.

Offering a real time view of all mobile devices deployed across an enterprise, the solution manages the complete lifecycle of mobile assets, streamlining device deployments, enrollments and configurations by centrally tracking, monitoring and modifying mobile assets.

Fusion’s solutions have been customized and developed with a focus on securing the data moving across the devices, integrating the solutions with our Unified Threat Management Solution, while at the same time managing access across locations, functions and roles.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

Fusion's identity-based UTM is comprehensive, simple to deploy, and provides data segmentation and security across all types of networks. 

UTM Benefits

  • Offers the highest security performance
  • Facilitates HIPAA compliance rules for data encryption
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Protects your business from data breaches
  • Creates efficiencies in network infrastructure, saving capital and operating expenses

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