Integrated Access

Combining Voice and Data

Fusion’s Integrated Voice and Data (IVAD) product combines voice and data functionality on one circuit, increasing efficiency and giving businesses the ability to choose the optimal mix of voice lines and data bandwidth, as needed. Customers can experience the flexibility of a burstable voice channel where bandwidth not used at any particular moment for voice is automatically available for Internet use. 

With line-side and trunk-side service options available, our IVAD/Integrated T1 product can be configured in a variety of formats depending on customer requirements. Its ability to mix analog and digital services makes the IVAD circuit a valuable option for those business who want an affordable service that supports multiple business requirements.  Options are available that allow for flexible and scalable bandwidth, allowing additional voice lines or data bandwidth to be added as your company grows.

Supported with a single point of contact and delivered on a single invoice, Fusion’s IVAD product can save you time and money by combining your voice and data services on the same circuit.