Managed WiFi

Hassle-Free Managed WiFi for Guests & Employees

Engage with guests and empower employees with a managed wireless LAN.

Managed WiFi (Wireless LAN) provides private wireless access for employees and a public WiFi network for guests in a fully managed, end-to-end solution.

Managed WiFi Benefits

  • Fusion takes care of your WLAN network design, configuration, installation, monitoring, and support.
  • Your IT staff is freed up to focus on your top business priorities.
  • Employees can access business applications and move about freely to serve customers using WiFi-enabled devices.
  • Meet customer or guest expectations for wireless access on your premises.
  • Increase customer engagement by leveraging insightful data. Analyze key metrics by location such as loyalty, traffic times, and visitor dwell time; generate traffic with targeted mobile offers.

Secure. Scalable.

Fusion’s service includes built-in security. It segments wireless users, applications, and devices, secures your network from attacks, and enforces the right policies for each class of user.

Fusion Managed WiFi handles over 100 users per access point, scalable to handle thousands of access points. Cloud Managed WiFi fits all types of WLAN needs – whether for a small site or branch, a large facility or campus, or a distributed multi-site business.

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