Business networks demand reliability, quality and security. Fusion partners with dozens of service providers that offer bandwidth and high capacity network services, providing direct backbone access to the network access points (NAPs) of the highest quality and most secure carriers nationwide.

Since inception, the Fusion network has been built for IP to enable next generation solutions such as cloud computing using state-of–the-art hardware and software that looks beyond legacy technology. Fusion’s network utilizes redundant routes, diversity and scalability to grow and support modern applications and provide ultra-reliable service.

MPLS: Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is more flexible than legacy ATM or Frame Relay and works in conjunction with existing or planned IP based services. MPLS technology allows Fusion to offer its customers a virtual private network (VPN) service and guarantee bandwidth for real-time voice, video and Internet use.

MPLS enables customers to prioritize one type of data traffic over another, so real-time applications, such as voice and video conferencing, can be classified as higher priority traffic than other less time-critical information, such as e-mail. By allocating bandwidth in different queues or layers, MPLS allows you full control of your most important applications and ensures the most efficient packet flow for the highest quality of service (QoS).

MPLS bridges the gap between circuit switched and packet switched networks, and used in conjunction with our Cloud Voice services platform, can offer the ultimate in corporate connectivity for a myriad of voice and data applications.

One of Fusion’s core strengths is bonding together other data and telecom providers’ networks into a cohesive and fully meshed MPLS cloud. This core skill set allows Fusion to provide customers with multiple connectivity options from multiple carriers. This design is access-agnostic in that Ethernet and TDM access can be interconnected within the same network. This allows for integrated failover options as well as cost and technology optimization.

Auto-Failover/Redundant WAN Solutions for MPLS Customers

Fusion offers several WAN redundancy (Auto-Failover) options for customers who require highly-available Voice, MPLS, and Direct Internet Access (DIA) services.

With diverse carriers and access mediums, physical redundancy is combined with our network-based intelligent routing solutions to deliver a reliable, fully automated failover solution. Our standard offering includes three options that provide varying levels of service to meet a diverse range of customer requirements both technically and financially.

  • Option A – On-Net to On-Net Redundancy
  • Option B – On-Net to VPN Redundancy

For further details on Fusion Auto-Failover Solutions