Business Continuity Planning

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

It's not a matter of if, but rather when and where disaster will strike. Planning for the unexpected now can keep your business operating later through a crisis. Be it man-made or natural, unpredictable and unimagined events can converge to derail every aspect of your operations during a disaster. It doesn't have to be a catastrophic event, even something as small as a car hitting a telephone pole can kill power and communications, putting companies temporarily out of business. Without back-up plans in place, it's nearly impossible to conduct business when you can't get to your office. Fusion’s flexible business continuity strategies give you peace of mind with versatile failover options and unparalleled routing capabilities.

Fusion’s solutions include multiple business continuity and disaster recovery options. These include very low cost options that can reroute voice traffic to a predetermined destination when our customer’s experience network or equipment service interruptions. More comprehensive routing options can be achieved with web-based tools which provide ultimate failover flexibility and on-demand routing options.  Data networks can also be configured in multiple failover modes including secondary transport circuits and/or secure failover third-party Internet connections. Voice and data business continuity and disaster recovery options may be combined to deliver extremely resilient solutions assuring maximum availability of a business’ voice and data services.

Government agencies are required by law to have diverse back-up systems and contingency plans in place. Similarly, many regulated markets, such as financial trading institutions and healthcare providers, must have documented business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place in order to achieve regulatory compliance. In today's world, companies in the private sector would also be negligent not to address these issues so crucial to their business continuity. Let Fusion lay out for you the network plan and initiate the changes required so that communications links can be sustained and critical business systems stay up and running during an emergency. We give you flexible and cost effective alternatives for ensuring that the technology and infrastructure at the core of your company's mission remain functioning.