Managed Networks

Fusion Managed Network Services

In keeping with our commitment as a single source provider, we also offer Managed Network Services. Fault, configuration and asset management solutions, as well as performance and security management applications, are all a part of this service. Essentially, we become your company's virtual IT staff; designing, managing and constantly monitoring your corporate network infrastructure.

Our Managed Network Services offer real-time, remote management of CPE devices, on a 24x7x365 basis. We’ll open trouble tickets on the occurrence of any network performance-impacting event, update you continuously on the status of the problem and ensure a swift and seamless resolution. Our network management services range from network design and implementation to proactive monitoring and fault management practices.

These services are offered to clients with network equipment such as routers, ports, modems, servers, firewalls and other security devices. WANs employing MPLS, Frame Relay, Internet, or Private Line components can be efficiently managed. Customers can access an extensive list of ad hoc and automatically generated reports, charts and graphs. This detailed, yet easy to understand data is presented via a web portal and displays graphical representations of current bandwidth performance and availability. By analyzing network traffic and monitoring circuit volume and congestion, Fusion can optimize your network performance and increase its total value and ROI.

Leveraging our extensive network capabilities and technical expertise, we can deliver these essential managed solutions to our clients. This allows our customers to focus scarce resources on their core business needs, by outsourcing all or part of their network management to an experienced external IT services provider.