Professional Associations and non-profit organizations are mission-oriented; they act as the cup-bearer for industry and work to safeguard the public interest. Their purpose is to educate and influence, making their ability to communicate vital to their success.

The communications challenges of associations and non-profits are clear:

  • National membership can be geographically dispersed, so voice and video are important for conducting conference calls.
  • Sustaining revenue is derived from membership dues and sales of publications, so small contact centers are critical to handle these inquiries.
  • With limited resources, IT departments are struggling to manage and maintain an on-premise phone system.
  • With travel budgets continually under pressure, remote/mobile access is increasingly critical to employees and members during annual conferences and periodic events.
  • Fixed budgets demand recurring communication costs that do not fluctuate, and are easy to predict.

Fusion has experience in the association and non-profit arena. We understand your unique situation and can put together a cloud solution to help advance your mission.