Federal, State and Local Government agencies are constantly under pressure to reduce operational costs while providing new ways to increase productivity without sacrificing quality, security or public safety. By outsourcing cloud services to Fusion, government agencies now have the means to enable teleworking employees and agents, reduce costs and provide enhanced functionality for their entire workforce.

Several government agencies have deployed Fusion cloud communications and data solutions to streamline offices, support end-user requirements and provide a higher level of accessibility. Fusion’s superior voice quality over affordable broadband eliminates the need for agencies to invest in expensive equipment and provides the reliability needed to securely deliver mission-critical communications.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cloud Communications delivered as a service limit upfront capital exposure. One single bill combines all voice, messaging and collaboration services over flexible, multi-purpose IP circuits and flat rate billing that bundles all usage. The service is managed in-house by Fusion, eliminating extra costs for system upgrades, dedicated data centers and storage, maintenance as well as resident experts to handle installation or support issues as they arise.

Customizable Continuity

Government communications are completely safe from natural disasters or building outages. If the phones become unavailable, voice traffic will be rerouted and all voice mail messages can be redirected to an email account. Whether re-routing all calls to pre-assigned alternate locations or cell phones, or handling inbound calls at the user and caller level, Fusion can deal with it all, to best serve your business continuity needs.

Leverage Your Existing IT Investment

Cloud Communications allow you to keep your existing IP-enabled phones and equipment and simply integrate them into your existing network (certified equipment only). Additionally, our services may be delivered on top of your pre-existing Internet access or MPLS network, minimizing the upfront and ongoing costs of dedicated voice circuits.

Cloud Communications are Less Expensive and Offers Faster Mobility

Whether you are in the office or deployed at a remote location, Fusion Cloud Communications eliminate the need for traditional PBX’s and allow the ability to quickly and remotely add and delete users, or enable additional features – all without additional staff. Real-time support, growth and flexibility across your entire organization, at your fingertips.

Voice communications are absolutely critical to homeland security and public safety and Fusion brings the ideal solutions for existing and emerging workforces who demand constant connectivity and productivity from anywhere, at anytime. Let us show you how Fusion can impact agency communications immediately – and for years to come – by providing more features and more flexibility, all for significantly lower costs than you might expect.