Urgent Update from Fusion Regarding WannaCry Malware

This past weekend saw many organizations around the world, including public and private companies, governmental institutions, and large healthcare providers, caught off guard by the rapid spread of the WannaCry/WannaCrypt malware. Spread initially to a targeted organization through a phishing email, the malware is then able to propagate itself within the organization's network by leveraging a known exploit in Microsoft Windows.  It is estimated that as of Monday morning over 200,000 systems worldwide had been infected by this malware.  Once active on a machine, the software is designed to encrypt files on both local and network drives and provides instructions to the victim on how to pay a ransom in order to obtain the decryption key (hence the designation as "ransomware").  Despite the fact that Microsoft released a security patch two months prior to the attack, many organizations had not applied the update and were left exposed this past weekend.

Contact us today at 888-301-1721 to learn more about the many ways Fusion secures against the breach with:

  • Firewall & UTM
  • Business Continuity and DRaaS: Storage Backup and Recovery
  • Email Auto-archiving
  • Device Management
  • Automatic Failover

Fusion realizes our customers depend on us for their critical IT and communications needs, and we take this responsibility very seriously.  We depend on two classes of IT infrastructure - our corporate back-office systems that run "Fusion the business", and our customer-facing cloud services platforms that provide the products and services our customers rely on.  To manage all of this infrastructure, Fusion IT and Engineering staff use several software utilities to monitor and manage the software deployed on our corporate and production systems.  This allows us to ensure that we maintain the appropriate OS and application versions and patches to provide a secure and reliable platform.  All Fusion systems are appropriately updated to defend against this malware attack, and any subsequent variants that may try to take advantage of the same Windows exploit.

Having a secure and reliable service provider is only one step in ensuring that your organization operates without interruption.  Whether we are talking about an event with global implications, or one of the many daily IT issues that you may face, there are several key areas that should be the focus of your IT security and survivability planning:

  • Firewall & UTM - Is the front door to your network open to visitors?  Moving beyond yesterday's basic firewall, a properly engineered and deployed Unified Threat Management system is the first step in securing your network.
  • Business Continuity and DRaaS: Backup and Recovery - In the event of a malware attack, human error, or hardware failure, do you have a recent copy of your mission critical data at hand?  Is it safely store at an off-site facility?  Do you know how long it would take to get it back and available for use? Fusion DRaaS solution provides for secure storage and retrieval of the business-critical data you need to manage your business.
  • Auto-archive your email to minimize loss of essential communications with customers, vendors and between employees
  • Device Management - Are your servers, PCs, networking gear, and mobile devices running up-to-date operating systems and antivirus software?  Do you have control over what your users can do on these devices?
  • Automatic Failover - Eliminate any single point of failure with true redundancy.  Automatic Failover to a backup circuit enables all services to continue to function during a network-impacting event. 

As a trusted partner with the right resources and experience, Fusion is ready to help you design and implement the IT solutions that can help keep your business running smoothly when faced with the complex IT challenges of the modern digital world.

Contact us today at 888.301.1721 to learn more about how Fusion can secure your communications environment.