Hosted Voice Release Update: Unified Communications, Faster Install, and More

  • Aug 25, 2014
  • By Fusion Marketing

Fusion has made some exciting new enhancements to our Hosted Voice service and supporting tools to help businesses support their increasingly mobile and distributed workforces. These VoIP service enhancements include new Unified Communications features, a new faster installation option, portal improvements that speed ordering and simplify administration, and more.

Introducing Unified Communications.

Fusion now offers a comprehensive suite of Unified Communications (UC) services as an optional feature set available with Fusion Hosted PBX (Hosted Voice). Fusion UC integrates voice telephony with other unified messaging communication technologies such as Instant Messaging, Presence, Screen Share, SMS Text, and HD Video Calling — enabling users to seamlessly communicate across their smartphone, conference phone, tablet and desktop devices. These new UC features improve productivity and collaboration by enabling employees to:

  • See when colleagues are online and connect in real-time for time-sensitive matters
  • Send and receive messages instantly from any device using their Hosted Voice business phone number
  • Hold face-to-face video calls for improved communication and increased meeting engagement
  • Share their screen and presentation materials with up to 100 participants to increase meeting effectiveness, especially across disparate teams

New, Faster Installation Option.

Fusion is introducing a new and faster installation option. It’s great for Hosted PBX customers that need to expand into new offices quickly, or those that simply prefer to do their own installation. Customers that choose this option will get their phones in about a week. For customers that prefer a hands-off installation, a fully-managed installation with a dedicated account manager and an onsite technician is also available.

No Minimums.

Most other Hosted VoIP providers require customers to buy a minimum number of seats in order to benefit from the lowest promotional pricing, around-the clock support, or even satisfaction guarantees. With Fusion, customers get access to the best advertised price, and 24/7/365 support whether they buy one seat or a thousand. In addition, Fusion allows its customers to add advanced features, such as call recording, to any package a la carte. In contrast, some of our competitors require the purchase of pricier packages in order to obtain certain features.

Competitive Plans and Pricing

Starting at $14.95 (local calling) and $24.95 (unlimited nationwide calling).

Budget-friendly Payment Terms.

With some other Unified Communications and VoIP service providers, getting the lowest price often requires paying up front for a year’s worth of service. With Fusion, customers pay a monthly invoice and still get the lowest pricing.

Customer Portal Enhancements.

Several enhancements have been made to to give our business VoIP customers greater functionality and easier self-administration. Earlier this year, Fusion gave our customers the ability to order and upgrade services and equipment online, as well as the ability to chat with tech support, billing, and order provisioning. Recently, we released self-service porting of phone numbers and a facelift of the Voice Admin section providing a much more intuitive interface for making changes to user accounts.

Reliable Service.

Fusion’s voice network achieves 99.999% availability, giving our Voice customers the highest level of reliability in the industry. Additionally, Fusion controls traffic on its own private, nationwide IP data network, which allows Fusion to maintain a Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee end to end in a manner not possible from most providers.

Businesses continue to look to streamline communications, improve collaboration, and support mobility. Fusion continues to meets these needs by providing cost-effective business internet and Voice services that deliver collaboration and mobility features and tools that are simply unmatched by other VoIP phone service providers. For more information, contact us today.