In an age in which everybody is a technology expert, you would think the whole VoIP-in-a-Box concept would fly. Why not? Everything else in tech seems to be about plug-and-play, right?

Business owners need to understand that going with a VoIP company which delivers a “boxed” configuration requiring the owner to self-install – only offering a support line for assistance – is a recipe for frustration and disappointment. Worse yet, employees rarely realize all of the features available to them to enhance the functionality of the business VoIP network.

At Fusion, we do not take a “Here’s your VoIP box…Good luck!” approach with customers. If you run a law office, your specialty is legal issues. If you’re a retailer, you sell goods and services directly to consumers. In other words, we know you would prefer to spend your time doing what you are good at. This does not usually involve installing office phone systems or your own hosted VoIP network.

To illustrate how much more value you can get by avoiding DIY VoIP services, here is a step-by-step breakdown of how our VoIP phone services can help you and your business:

A pre-sale chat. Fusion’s Sales Representatives are knowledgeable professionals. They serve as a single point of contact throughout the purchasing process. They know how to speak without techno-babble and ensure you get the right configuration for your needs. You may, for example, have an old, outdated legacy switch for your business phone system which simply can’t make the transition to modern-day hosted VoIP. That’s fine. We will be happy to replace the switch. This will enable you to properly utilize Fusion Quality of Service (QoS), which establishes an end-to-end prioritized network connection and provides better voice quality than PSTN, or traditional, voice.

The quote. When we assess your needs and give a quote, we provide a Voice Order Document (VOD). This creates a user profile created just for you and explains in detail how your VoIP phone services will be deployed for each individual user to ensure you are able to properly use our special unified communications tools to improve the way you conduct business. These tools include Visual Voicemail, which transcribes voice messages and faxes so they show up as emails; and Find Me/Follow Me, which allows employees to route calls from their work number to a number of phones to ensure important calls are not missed.

Post sale. On every order, a Voice Project Manager is assigned as the single point of contact throughout the entire voice installation. They’ll confirm the package order before we get started to make sure there weren’t any misunderstandings along the way, update you as milestones are achieved, and ensure a smooth installation.

Too often, a customer buys into a ton of incredible feature upgrades that can really make a difference in productivity and connectivity, but the employees/users don’t realize they exist or have never been trained on how to use them. These features end up in the digital equivalent of a backroom storage area, gathering digital dust.

Fusion won’t let this happen. We’ll help get you set up with training sessions in a way that’s convenient for you and your employees, including live one-on-one trainings, group sessions, and video tutorials. With our assistance, your staffers should be clear on how to take advantage of the new VoIP features available to them.

With this level of personalized care, and with so much riding on your company’s ability to communicate, why would anyone want to go the configuration-in-a-box route for a small business phone system? If you prefer to focus on business instead of attempting your own DIY installation project, then contact us.