Increasingly, over-tasked workers benefit from real-time communications services that drive efficiencies, improve collaboration, and support mobility. Workers that use UC typically save about a half hour per day because Unified Communications (UC) helps them reach and collaborate with colleagues on the first try.

This post presents the top five productivity-enhancing Unified Communication features and how they benefit today’s busy workers.

  1. Presence lets you see when your contacts are available, initiate a conversation from your contacts list, and handle matters quickly. Avoid time-consuming phone tag, voice mails, and endless emails.

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  2. SMS text messaging uses your business VoIP number rather than your personal mobile number. Text from your desktop, tablet, or mobile device with unified messaging. SMS text messaging is integrated with your corporate directory, so you can easily send and receive individual and group texts across all your devices. Plus, you can keep your personal number private.

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  3. Send large files. Often, there is a limit on the size of attachments that you can send via email. How many times have you wished you had a simple tool always at your fingertips that let you transfer oversized files? UC is that tool.

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  4. Screen share. You have probably been on a group conference call to discuss a document or spreadsheet. How do you keep everyone on the same page? Screen sharing lets you share your screen with up to 100 online meeting or conference call participants.

    Everyone can follow along visually, whether you are giving a sales pitch or training session, sharing a quarterly report, or conducting a status meeting with remote participants. Because Fusion Connect UC Screen Sharing is integrated with the Fusion Connect UC client, it’s easier to use than a separate, Web-based screen sharing application. And there’s no client for your viewers to download.

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  5. Transfer an active business phone call from one device to another. Do you ever wish you could leave the office in the middle of a conference phone call without dropping it? Or start a call on your mobile phone and move it to the softphone on your tablet or computer? Device handover in Unified Communications lets you move the call you are on, so you avoid the need to hang up and call back. With a simple click or tap in the UC client, you can seamlessly move an active call between your UC desktop client and your mobile UC client.

    Device handover supports today’s highly mobile workforce, in particular, on-the-move employees that use multiple devices throughout the day.

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Learn More

Fusion Connect Unified Communications is available as an add-on to Fusion Connect’s Hosted PBX service. The combined solution integrates IP voice telephony capabilities with more than 50 calling and mobility features, as well as enhanced collaboration and unified messaging features like presence, instant messaging, screen sharing, video conferencing and SMS texting.

To discover how UC can benefit your company, please visit our Unified Communications page or call a Fusion Connect business consultant today at .