Process and service disruptions, whatever the cause, can have a devastating economic impact on businesses. Take Hurricane Sandy, for instance. In the fall of 2012, this catastrophic storm impacted more than 300,000 businesses in the United States alone, with total economic losses estimated at 72 billion dollars.

Use Case - Drew’s Entertainment

While no business wants to test their disaster recovery plan in real life, Drew’s Entertainment was one business impacted by Hurricane Sandy that demonstrated the importance of having resilient and redundant solutions in place. Sandy struck in the midst this company’s office relocation, flooding its data center and ruining the entire server network.

Fortunately, in anticipation of the move, the company had just transitioned to Hosted Email and Hosted PBX so the company was able to keep communicating without interruption.

Instead of replacing their physical servers, the company implemented Fusion Connect’s Cloud Hosting solution, ensuring that their corporate data would be safe from future natural and manmade disasters. This decision reduced the company’s server size from six physical servers to three virtual servers and enabled them to resume operations within two days.

Your Business, Anywhere

If your server room floods, what’s your plan for restoring essential business applications? Hosting your applications in the cloud can remove that worry. Here are a few more solutions that can help make your business more resilient.

Hosted Data Backup. Safeguard the lifeline of your business – your data – and save your business time and money with simple, secure, and affordable Hosted Data Backup for office laptops, computers, and servers.

Redundant Bandwidth. Even with the best service level agreements, business Internet won’t work if someone cuts through your data line. Companies with mission-critical needs often purchase a backup circuit to carry them through an outage. For example, they might subscribe to a low-cost cable or wireless connection as a backup to their primary Ethernet or T1 service.

Bandwidth Optimization & Resiliency. Excessive network traffic can result in intermittent issues delivering all of your data packets. This may show up as a jittery VoIP call, for example. With your backup circuit in place, Fusion Connect’s Load Balancing and Managed Failover service can automatically balance your network traffic between those two circuits to optimize your network and application performance.

Are you Ready?

Adopting solutions that provide backup or contingency capabilities can make the difference between devastating losses and continued success. Consider the features and services discussed above as you plan for the unexpected. And let us know how we can help you with your preparedness planning.