It’s an all-too-familiar scenario: you started a call on your mobile phone during your morning commute and want to continue it once you arrive at the office, without needing to hang up and call back. With a simple click or tap in the Fusion Connect Unified Communications (UC) client, you can seamlessly move the call from your mobile UC client to your UC desktop client.

On your UC desktop client, simply click Softphone > Pull from Mobile. Your UC desktop client will show the call is successfully established; continue the business phone call without interruption.

Likewise, you may want to leave the office for the airport in the middle of a conference phone call without dropping it. A UC business phone service lets you move the call from your tablet or desktop computer to your UC app on your Smartphone. It’s as easy as reversing the process described above, and you’re on your way.


  • Device handover supports today’s highly mobile workforce, in particular, on-the-move employees that use multiple devices throughout the day.
  • Fusion Connect Hosted Voice supports a similar call handoff capability using the Fusion Connect Anywhere feature. We discussed this hosted VoIP feature in an earlier blog post.