The Federal Communications Commission evaluates America's cities, every year, on several metrics, most importantly on how connected each city is and how much of that city and its surrounding metro area can get the advertised broadband speeds. You can access that data* at their official broadband map website.

The data was analyzed to determine the 10 best cities for business broadband, based on penetration and how much of the city had access to Fusion's minimum top speed of 1.5 Mbps. The business broadband providers were called in each city and averaged together the cost per month of their absolute best broadband service, including equipment and fees. It should noted here that there was not an effort to negotiate a better price.

About the numbers
The top ten largely came down to wiring and cost: any city that couldn't get 100% of its metro area its advertised download speeds was automatically disqualified. It really became about how much of the city could get broadband and how much it would run you. Here are a few data points of interest:

1. Surprisingly, the metro area of Chicago was the least wired on the list, although "least" is a relative term when 99.4% of your city is wired for at least 1.5 Mbps broadband. That said, it's pricey: There is strong demand for broadband in the Windy City, especially from businesses.

2. Milwaukee and Detroit made a strong showing on the list, with the lowest cost and 99.6% and 99.4%, respectively, of each city's metro area being able to access speeds of 1.5 Mbps. Partially this is due to demand; both cities are trying to encourage business and investment, and as a result, the broadband is priced well.

3. Connecticut can make a bid for the most wired state: Of our top ten cities, Hartford, Bridgeport/Stamford, and New Haven all made the list. The prices, however, varied widely; Hartford was a full $10 cheaper per month than the next Connecticut city on the list.

4. Honolulu topped the list in all respects, including price. Broadband in Hawaii is actually a bit more expensive than in New York, due to the fact that undersea cables are in use. But at least businesses in the Honolulu area can set up shop and not worry about speed: 100% of the city is wired and 100% of it can get 1.5 Mbps, making Honolulu the broadband equal of New York City.

And without further ado, here are the Top Ten Most Wired Cities in the United States for Business Broadband ranked by cost per month…

  City Speed ≥ 1.5 Mbps Wired Cost/Mo.
1 Milwaukee 100% 99.6% $498.98
2 Detroit 100% 99.4% $509.45
3 Dallas/Fort Worth 100% 97.3% $523.19
4 Hartford 100% 99.5% $534.69
5 Bridgeport/Stamford 100% 99.9% $547.57
6 Boston 100% 99.7% $558.93
7 Chicago 100% 99.4% $559.08
8 New York 100% 100% $560.90
9 New Haven 100% 99.7% $569.82
10 Honolulu 100% 100% $597.09

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* Fusion Connect coverage is shown under "Platinum Equity, LLC" in the National Broadband Map.