You have probably been on a group conference call to discuss a document or spreadsheet. How do you keep everyone on the same page? Free screen share apps abound. But free conference phone and video services limit the number of participants or the available features. Paid services provide more features but still require you to sign in to use them. Fusion Connect Unified Communications lets you share your screen with up to 100 online meeting or conference phone call participants, and it’s included with Fusion Connect UC.

When you share your screen, everyone can follow along visually, whether you are giving a sales pitch or a training session, sharing a quarterly report, or conducting a status meeting with remote participants. Participants simply click on the link that Fusion Connect UC generates when you initiate the screen share.


  • Fusion Connect UC Screen Sharing is conveniently integrated with the Fusion Connect UC client. You can see if internal participants are online, send the screen share link via IM, and even dial into your UC conference bridge—all from within the UC app.
  • Avoids the need to sign into a separate, Web-based screen sharing application
  • There’s no client for your meeting participants to download, and they do not need to have Fusion Connect UC. Using their choice of Web browser, they simply open the link you send, on their choice of device.
  • Record your business phone calls! Whether you called directly from UC or you’re using your UC conference bridge for the call, you can record it! The recording saves to your local device. Listen back through the call later to review key points and take notes.

* MegaPath, and this product, are now part of Fusion Connect.