Vacations: we all need them. But, ironically, being completely out of touch can sometimes create stress—the last thing you want during vacation. Sometimes, you want to balance being completely offline and unavailable with being available some of the time or to certain callers.

Fortunately, Hosted VoIP has powerful tools to help you strike this balance on your terms. With features like Fusion Anywhere and Find Me/Follow Me, your calls can track you down anywhere you need (and anytime you want) to be found.

Keep in Touch (or not) on Your Terms

You’ve worked miracles—juggling projects, schedules, and resources to get that vacation. If you do need to accept or place a business phone call from your happy place, Fusion Anywhere can make it appear as if you never left the office.

Fusion Anywhere lets you use a single number with any device, including your business phone, mobile phone, home phone, even a hotel phone. People will wonder how you can ‘spend so much time in the office’ because calls you make from any of your specified Fusion Anywhere devices look and act as if they were placed from your VoIP number. Even when you call from a sailboat in the Caribbean, your device’s Caller ID will be displayed as that of your VoIP number.

  • Use your Fusion Connect Hosted Voice service and calling plan minutes
  • Move a call from one device to another without disconnecting the call
  • Control call routing with a few clicks or taps in an easy-to-use Web portal

Go Ahead: Globe Trot

Find Me/Follow Me puts you in control of how incoming calls are routed or forwarded. Is there a VIP client you never want to hand off to a colleague or a direct report? You can route calls from that client directly to you, using your business phone service, even if you happen to be drifting along in a hot air balloon. To ensure seamless operations even in your absence, you can direct calls from specific clients to employees who are well suited to help. And when you are ready to enjoy the sunset from the rim of the Grand Canyon, you can sign into a simple small business phone system portal and forward all calls to your assistant or to voicemail in a few clicks or taps.

Get Ready. Get Set. Relax: Guilt Free!

Mobile workers and vacationing workers alike appreciate the freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind that easy-to-use VoIP phone system afford. To learn more about our hosted VoIP services, call us to talk to one of our VoIP service providers about your Voice Communications needs.