Most of us have long appreciated the convenience of self-service account management functions such as online bill pay for our utilities, credit card, and other services. Many of those same convenient tools may be available for managing your business voice, Internet, cloud, and other services depending on your choice of service provider. Besides being well organized and easy to navigate, a business-class account management portal will offer certain features.

View and Manage Services

Having an online tool for configuring your services can help your IT team meet internal service level agreements. Your administrators will appreciate the ability to report on, manage, and configure services in a few clicks. And, online tools make it easier to enact changes in a timely fashion, which can save your company money.

If you travel for business or oversee services for remote locations, it’s great to be able to manage settings or configure a service, from wherever you are. A portal that empowers you to handle these tasks immediately, online, without a call to customer support, can make your job easier.

Order Services and View Order Status

The ability to place an order or check order status online means you can tackle these tasks when it’s convenient. Whereas a phone order is difficult to interrupt if your other phone rings, your boss needs you, or something else pressing comes your way, online ordering lets you multi-task, set it aside, and come back to it.

View and Pay Invoices

Online bill pay allows customers to view account balance and current and past invoices, set up recurring payments, and pay online. Your accounts payable staff will thank you because they’ll avoid handling, managing, reconciling, and filing paper invoices.

Get Support

Not many people have the discretionary time—or patience—to wait in a call queue. An online customer service center typically provides a convenient, consolidated place to contact customer service online via email or chat, view open and resolved support tickets, and create a new support request ticket.

Manage Company Contacts and Account Administrators

Even the smallest tasks are made simpler if you can perform them yourself online in your timeframe. The ability to manage company contacts and administer portal users helps you keep everyone doing their jobs so you can do yours.

Single Sign-on to All Services

Your administrators have enough passwords to remember and manage. Consider working with a service provider that gives access to account management functions for all services from a single set of credentials.

Increased Convenience and Efficiency

The Fusion Connect Customer Portal lets you access everything related to your services in one place, empowering you or your administrator to manage all of your telecom and cloud services in one portal across all business locations. Plus, you benefit from the convenience of one provider and one call for support for all your services and locations.

If you’re already a Fusion Connect customer, I encourage you to sign into the Fusion Connect portal and try it out.