Cisco Meraki MR42

Cisco Meraki MR42

Cisco Meraki MR42

The Cisco Meraki MR42 is a four-radio, cloud-managed access point. Designed for general purpose deployment in offices, schools, hospitals and hotels, it provides enhanced performance, security, and manageability. The MR42 supports a higher client density than typical enterprise-class access points, and delivers the throughput and flexibility required by HD voice and video applications.

Equipment Features

  • 3x3 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wave 2 access point
  • 1.9 Gbps aggregate dual-band frame rate
  • 24x7 real-time WIPS/WIDS, spectrum analytics via dedicated third radio
  • Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon and scanning radio
  • Enhanced transmit power and receive sensitivity
  • Full-time WiFi location tracing via dedicated 3rd radio
  • Integrated enterprise security and guest access
  • Application-aware traffic shaping
  • Optimized for voice and video

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