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Fusion Connect - The Managed Endpoint Security Provider

Endpoint security threats come in many forms. They're made all the more risky when the number of endpoints continues to grow.

Identifying and managing them across all the cloud, on-site, and remote environments has never been more complex. Many organizations lack a single source of truth about all their endpoints. Those that do manage their endpoints sometimes juggle a dozen or more vendors.

Fusion Connect’s Endpoint Management and Security is a comprehensive service that advances endpoint visibility, control, and security for mid-market and enterprise companies. Our service offers a single source for endpoint management and security. It improves the efficiency of your IT operations, lowers your risk, and keeps your employees productive.

  • Identify Risks in Minutes.
    You don’t need to rely on after-hours scanning or worry about network overload. Using AI – not just signatures, we identify known and unknown risks faster, without disrupting users.
  • The Only Tool You Need.
    Reduce your attack surface with centralized management of patches, updates, and configurations across your entire environment with a single tool. You no longer have to manage dozens of vendors or slow your network with multiple scripts on every device.
  • Fix It Fast.
    Scan managed hosts and remote endpoints for vulnerabilities, remediate fast, and ensure compliance.
  • Keep Teams Aligned.
    Multiple solutions mean arduous handoffs for updates, patching, or remediation. Make sure everyone is seeing the same accurate, impact-based view of risks.

Endpoint Security Checklist

Do You Have an In-house Endpoint Security Checklist?
There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking at endpoint security options. We've created a list of the top five that rise above the rest to be at the top of your list.

See the Top Five Considerations

A Fully Managed Endpoint Security Service

Your Choice of Three High-Performance Bundles

Features Include


+ Control

Visibility + Control
+ Security

Asset Discovery & Inventory

Quickly identify all devices in your environment, what software they’re running, and how it’s being used.

Performance Monitoring

Automated, pre-defined reports and dashboards offer details by department, location, user group, and more.

Software Management

More efficiently configure, install, update, or remove software in our cloud, on-site, and remote endpoints.

Patch Management

Real-time visibility and control of patches gives you the speed and scale to ensure patches are properly applied.

Configuration Management

Manage Windows policy settings with more than 5,000 security and configuration options.

Vulnerability Management

Scan devices and applications to identify vulnerabilities and compliance exposure, then pivot to remediation and continuously validate the results.

Data Risk & Privacy

Locate and manage sensitive data across endpoints to mitigate exposure and monitor for file and registry changes to simplify compliance at scale.

Incident Response

Detect suspicious behavior and identify compromised endpoints in seconds.

Managed Endpoint Security Solution

Consolidate your Endpoint Visibility, Control, and Security.

Backed by Industry-leading Guarantees.

  • One Bill, One Provider, Managed Endpoint Security

    Replace the dozens of point solutions that only address a piece of the full picture. Streamline IT operations and make asset discovery, management, and security more efficient.
  • Centralize Endpoint Management

    Spot and solve issues faster, proactively troubleshoot, and increase end user productivity.
  • Detect and Mitigate Risk in Minutes

    Identify known and unknown vulnerabilities across your environment. Minimize their impact by taking action in minutes. Keep your systems secure. Adhere to all compliance requirements. Keep your business running.
This diagram explains how edge security helps give you complete visibility and control of all devices across your distributed business landscape.
2022 Bronze Stevie Award

Customer Service Team of the Year 2022

The American Business Awards recognized Fusion Connect with the “Bronze Stevie” for Customer Service Team of the Year. Great customer service from suppliers is vital to business success. Fusion Connect is honored to have been named the winner of this award.

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