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Fusion Connect - The Managed Security Service Provider

Managing the risk to endpoint devices and maintaining compliance is more challenging today than ever before.

CISOs have millions of assets to view, manage, secure, and protect. They need complete visibility and control of all devices across a distributed landscape. All while being agile enough to complete impromptu audits and meet ever-changing compliance requirements.

Fusion Connect’s comprehensive suite of solutions is flexible to meet your needs. Delivering right-sized, best-of-breed technologies across one or more sites. A dedicated installation project manager and priority tech support join your team every step of the way. From full-solution design engineering to a complete Managed Security Service Provider engagement. Backed by industry-leading guarantees.

Fusion Connect’s Security Portfolio

Empowering CISOs to gain the control, visibility, and speed to thwart cyber threats. Get a full spectrum of networking and security solutions from one provider, including:

Your Managed Service Provider

Fusion Connect is a comprehensive Managed Service Provider dedicated to mid-market and enterprise customers. We deliver world-class expertise and the best technology across communications, connectivity, security, and more. 

Our broad range of managed services includes:

  • Communications: Including Calling Services with Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex
  • Connectivity: Fully redundant Internet with speeds up to 100x100 Gbps
  • Security: Such as Endpoint Management & Edge Security

Services are backed by industry leading guarantees and award-winning customer service.

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What is an MSP?

A Managed Service Provider is a company that manages various IT and security services on behalf of a business, delivering expertise and saving time and money.  

MSPs act as a force multiplier for in-house teams. Powered by fully customized technology and proven processes, MSPs inject the resources, time, and expertise aligned with business goals to ensure the business runs smoothly and efficiently. 

What is an MSP?

Your Managed Communications Service Provider

Fusion Connect’s MCSP service addresses your business communications needs with improved productivity, mobility, simplified management, and lower costs. 

Small to medium-sized businesses - and global enterprises alike - are faced with the challenges of quickly adapting their communications response. Particularly in the growing shift to cloud communications.

We offer an industry-best range of services including:

All backed by our satisfaction guarantees and sector-leading customer service.

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What is a Managed Communications Service Provider? 

Managed Communications Service Providers (MCSPs) simplify the operation and management of business communications.

From telephony to collaborative tools to customer support: move your entire communications stack to one vendor. This reduces your internal investment in the hardware, software, and technology expertise required to keep your communications and collaborative tools up and running.

Your Managed Connectivity Provider

As a Managed Connectivity Provider (MCP), Fusion Connect enables your workforce to thrive via connection services that are fast, secure, and reliable, regardless of location.

Fusion Connect guarantees reliability, resilience, and performance. Managing and monitoring the entire connectivity infrastructure.

Our MCP team ensures service availability and bandwidth meet the demands of the workload at each site. We keep wired and wireless access available and maintain overall security.  

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What is Managed Connectivity?

An MCP provides technologies and techniques to deliver managed networks, business internet, and SD-WAN to interconnect applications, services, and locations for maximize performance.

MCPs understand that secure, resilient, and efficient connectivity is the foundation for enabling every cloud and off-premises capability you might be considering.

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Your Managed Security Service Provider 

Fusion Connect’s Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offering consolidates your security tools, technology, and partners, overseen by a single, expert team.  

Get a full spectrum of networking and security solutions from one provider, including:

These services are designed to provide greater visibility and control to all senior security professionals.

What is a MSSP?

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) improves a business’s security posture by delivering defensive technology, operations, and management.

Covering people, process, and technology, MSSPs can deliver enterprise businesses a fully loaded security team in less than a quarter of the time it would take to build it themselves. 

What is an MSSP?

A Fully Managed Security Service - Technology

A Complete Security Solution

Our Advanced Technologies Closes the Gaps in Your Security

Enterprise businesses need complete visibility and control of all devices distributed across their workforce. From on-premises data centers, third-party applications, ambiguous cloud systems, and, finally, to remote employees and customers.

Fusion Connect’s MSSP services covers your enterprise end-to-end. Utilizing tools that ensure your employees are secure and productive wherever they may be working.

Extensive Managed Security Services May Include:

Advanced Edge Security

Also known as Unified Threat Management (UTM), it centralizes security management using next-gen firewalls, with multi-layered security services, including:

  • Anti-malware and virus protection
  • Application control
  • Interactive reports
  • SSL inspection/decryption support
  • Intrusion detection (IDS) and intrusion prevention (IPS)
  • Content/web filtering

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Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

AI-powered EDR safeguards your employees and customers from threats without compromising their productivity.

The AI identifies and blocks known malware from running on endpoints. Plus, it uses automatic blocking to maintain control of when and where scripts are run in the environment.

EDR also defends against memory exploits with automated responses if malicious use of memory is detected.

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Remote Access VPN

Ensure your remote workers have an encrypted pipeline onto your private network – SD-WAN or MPLS – via local authentication or lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP) integration.

VPN limits network access to only approved users. You can synchronize user identities from multiple directories across cloud applications, Active Directory, and more.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Extend and enforce multi-factor authentication across applications. Add another layer of protection by secondary verification of an identity for a login or other transaction.

The Managed Security Service Provider Solutions

A Comprehensive Set of Security Services.

Backed by Industry-leading Guarantees.

  • End-to-End Networking & Security

    Increase visibility, monitoring, and your defense against the growing threat of malicious cyberattacks or data theft.
  • Secure Your Remote Workforce

    With remote access VPNs, Multi-Factor Authentication, and managed security, you can keep users safe and productive no matter where they work.
  • One Bill, One Provider, Complete Security

    Consolidate all your security tools and providers with one partner with the expertise and level of service to protect and defend your systems 24/7.
This diagram explains how edge security helps give you complete visibility and control of all devices across your distributed business landscape.

Other Services Within an MSSP

Fusion Connect’s MSSP Delivers

We protect you against the damage, disruption, and expense of cyberattacks.

True Security as a Service

Better Security Services with Fusion Connect

Fusion Connect is an established MSP with a track record of exceptional service and industry-leading guarantees. We have the infrastructure, experience, and expertise to run your managed security. The breadth of services we offer and the expansive solutions we’ve created serve every client.

Our processes and efficiencies ensure that our MSSP services keep your systems up and secure. We stand by our team to deliver the high-end process and technology that only an experienced MSP can provide. All backed by our exceptional service and guarantees.

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