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Communications Challenges

Resources in IT and across the organization are often stretched thin. It’s expensive to set up and manage a PBX, in-house servers, and applications. Maintenance, user support, and vendor management strain resources even further.

But cloud communications from Fusion Connect can cut costs, simplify management, and provide your team with tools to improve productivity and mobility.

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We Know How to Meet Your Communications Challenges

Expense & Maintenance of In-House PBX, Servers, and Applications

Most companies that switch to cloud-based communications and infrastructure, like unified communications, report significant savings – as much as 50%. Implement cloud services, including voice, email, and SD-WAN to stretch your budget and free up staff to focus on achieving business goals.

  • Ditch PBX, server, and application maintenance. Let Fusion Connect handle support, included with all services 24/7/365
  • Reduce long distance charges and predict costs with an affordable monthly fee per user
  • Features like Presence & IM cut down on calls, yet provide real-time access
  • Cloud-based phone service can be used on employee-provided mobile phones
  • Optimize bandwidth and application performance
Resource Constraints Hinder User, System, and Vendor Support

With Fusion Connect, there’s no need to manage expensive communications equipment or hardware on site. We manage the whole solution so you can concentrate on your important IT projects.

  • Fusion Connect provides support 24/7/365, with our U.S.-based technical team
  • Built-in redundancy and business continuity in the Cloud
  • Streamline vendor management by working with a single, nationwide provider
  • Make one call for support
  • Free up budget and resources for your company to invest in your own growth goals
How does Fiber make cloud storage and access easier?

A recent study by McAfee showed by 83% of businesses store sensitive data in the cloud. This means that employees are constantly accessing cloud storage services, private and public, like AWS, Azure, Google Drive, and Dropbox, to find important files. The more information stored on these sites, the slower the files will load. This is particularly true when companies are relying on a broadband internet connection since downloading times are significantly slower on these networks.

Limited Phone Features Make It Difficult to Compete

Organizations using hosted voice enjoy exceptional features, reliability and mobility.

  • More than 50 standard Hosted PBX features your workers and customers will love
  • Use your business number and calling plan at your desk, or on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Get voicemails delivered to your Inbox as audio files and transcribed to text
  • Call quality is exceptional with HD Voice
  • Integrate cloud voice with your CRM, helpdesk, and other everyday applications to increase agent productivity and response times

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“Built-in business continuity was a major reason we chose Fusion Connect’s hosted solution.”
–Steve Ratkai, IT Manager

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