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Transacting Business & Sharing Data Securely

Companies with more than one location or traveling or remote workers need a secure way to access and share corporate data, applications, and other resources.

Sending payment card transactions and sensitive data such as patient records requires a secure connection. You need to work with a provider that understands HIPAA and PCI compliance.

Safeguarding against emerging cyber threats starts with a robust, multi-layered solution. Protect your network and data with Fusion Connect.


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Choose from a wide variety of speeds and access technologies, available nationwide.

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Connect your workforce and secure your data, with optimal network protection.

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We Know How to Meet Your Challenges

Securely connect locations and business applications.

  • Fusion Connect’s private networking and security services consolidate your locations onto a single private network
  • Use bandwidth more efficiently and optimize application performance with Fusion Connect SD-WAN
  • Improve the quality of your connection, even when experiencing packet loss, with managed failover options

Fusion Connect offers enterprise-grade, comprehensive solutions for safeguarding records, communications, and transactions.

  • Transmit transactions safely, and securely share data among branch offices, headquarters, and data centers
  • Fusion Connect partners with SecurityMetrics, a global leader of data security and compliance solutions, to help businesses understand, achieve, and maintain PCI compliance
  • We understand HIPAA compliance and work with leading consultants to ensure our cloud communications and collaboration services deliver the safeguards required to protect sensitive information

Eliminate network security gaps, enforce appropriate use policies, promote regulatory compliance, and reduce your total cost of ownership.

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