Email Archiving

Is the content of your inbox important to your business?

What are you using email for? Do you send proposals, quotes, and contracts? Conduct negotiations? Share customer or patient information? All the valuable data in your Inbox and your Sent folder could be lost if you aren’t using an Email Archiving solution. Whether you are archiving to understand business trends, prove compliance, or defend against a lawsuit, saving your email is a business best practice for every industry.

Find what you need – fast.

Fusion Email Archiving solution features blazing fast search capabilities to help you find whatever you’re looking for. This reduces the burden on your IT department in case of litigation, audit, or compliance investigations. Between the efficient searching and streamlined legal hold features, eDiscovery and other regulatory activities are easier and less disruptive to your operations.

Your data is secure in the cloud.

Using our cloud-based Email Archiving solution removes the data from your physical premises, so that it is protected in the event that your building suffers a natural or man-made disaster. Fusion archives reside in geographically redundant, SSAE 16 certified datacenters, with the highest level of physical and network security. And once an email is in the archive, it cannot be changed or removed by the end user – a security feature that is not available from other archiving providers.


Safeguard the email messages you really need without filling your inbox to its limits.

  • Securely capture and store all email messages that have been sent and received in a central repository.
  • Make messages easily accessible from a number of different devices, for convenience and increased productivity. By adding an Email Archiving solution to your Fusion Hosted Exchange account, you get an unlimited mailbox, because the archive unlimited storage.
  • Index all messages (and attachments) for fast searching in a tamper-proof storage environment to meet your security requirements. Fusion offers customizable retention periods for archived email.
  • Help you reach compliance with industry and government regulations when you deploy the solution company-wide.