User Experience

Fusion360 enables companies to meet unique business communication challenges by offering each individual user a choice of advanced feature sets. Power users, like receptionists and inside sales individuals may be provided a robust voice feature package while engineers, remote workers and executives may be given an expanded set of voice features for increased connectivity and productivity.

Feature Sets and Benefits By User Type

Executive, Technical and Office Worker

Executive, Technical and Office WorkerExecutive, technical, and general office workers including those that are mobile, are often interrupted by meetings, conference calls and email communication and therefore put a premium on uninterrupted time. They also want a better way to stay connected and would benefit from a seamless transition from one communication medium to another.

With Fusion360, employees can:

  • Receive voicemails in their email box and view their latest email and voice messages at the same time without having to check voicemail repeatedly.
  • Stay connected via advanced Find Me/Follow Me calling features.
  • Have one number and one voicemail box for all calls, whether at the office or on the road.
  • Utilize video calling for one-on-one collaboration.

Telecom Admin

Telecom AdminTelecom administrators are responsible for the configuration and support of the telephony phone system. They act as the liaison for telecommunications services for all departments within the organization. As such, they regularly receive requests requiring training and assistance in setting changes.

With Fusion360, via a simple-to-use web portal, telecom admins have one-stop access to:

Call Center Supervisors

Call Center SupervisorsCall Center Supervisors are challenged with managing the day-to-day operations of the contact center and ensuring that calls are routed efficiently to appropriate available agents. They need the ability to make changes on the fly, detect problems before they occur, and analyze detailed call reports to make informed changes.

The Call Center Supervisor can utilize the advanced functionality of the intuitive, web-based management portal to:

  • Monitor the status of incoming calls.
  • Make queue configuration and agent status changes.
  • Assign skill set priorities to agents.
  • Customize and access call reports and statistics.

IT Manager and CTO

IT Manager and CTOWith Fusion360 IT managers understand that cloud-based services are inherently a key component of their disaster recovery plan. Because Fusion360 is not premises-based, employees can access their services and messages from home, remote offices or any disaster-recovery facility.

With no PBX to maintain and manage, IT managers save money with Fusion360. We help you move, add and change users and services. A designated administrator may handle simple services and employee changes via our online portal.