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  • Save on select Poly phones when combined with FusionWorks business phone or FusionWorks with Webex service
  • Experience crystal-clear sound quality
  • Get free training on your new phone system

Choose from Premium Poly Desk Phones

Poly VVX 250


4-line IP phone. Requires minimal training. An entry-level business phone ideal for small offices or home offices with low-moderate call volume.

Poly VVX 350


6-line IP phone. A mid-level business phone ideal for small to medium size businesses or call centers, with moderate call volume.

Poly VVX 450


12-line IP phone used by executives for its high performance and features. Excellent call quality.

Poly VVX 311


6-line IP phones with intuitive user interface. Requires minimal training. An entry-level business phone ideal for front-line workers handling low-moderate call volume.

Poly VVX 411


12-line, high-quality, mid-range business phones. With crystal clear call quality and color screen they are optimal for today’s office workers and call attendants.

FusionWorks Business Phone Service

  • Get advanced, reliable hosted voice service while lowering your startup costs with half-price VoIP Phones
  • FusionWorks provides crystal-clear voice quality and advanced calling features like Visual Voicemail, Auto Attendant, and Audio Conferencing
  • Mobility tools enable employees to take calls on their business number from anywhere and any device
  • Plans included Unlimited National Calling

FusionWorks with Webex Service

  • Get the best in Unified Communications using FusionWorks business phone service integrated into the Webex collaboration platform
  • End-to-end secure encryption of messages, room names, and files
  • Real-time collaboration through screen share, file share, and white-boarding
  • Feature-rich chat and IM includes text formatting, emojis, and gifs
  • Crystal-clear calls and HD video quality from anywhere

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Customer: The Community YMCA Customer: Chipotle Customer: Shake Shack

Promotional Discounts. Fusion Connect agrees to a discount of 50% on the lease or purchase price for selected phones (collectively the “Discounts”). The phones covered by this discount are Poly/Polycom VVX 250, VVX 350, VVX 450, VVX 311, VVX 411, and must be leased or purchased as part of contracting for two (2) or more seats of FusionWorks Employee National Plan or higher; FusionWorks Pro Employee Seat with Local & LD; or FusionWorks with Webex. If Customer terminates the Services prior to the expiration of the Service Term, Customer will pay the Early Termination Fees for the Services as set forth in the Agreement, plus the amount of any Discounts applied to Customer’s account up until the date of termination. To qualify for Discounts, orders for new Services must have a minimum three (3) year Service Term and be accepted by Fusion Connect between April 26, 2021 and March 31, 2022. Orders for discounted Services or Services where Customer is changing Service types, renewing or moving Service shall not be eligible for Credits. Fusion Connect reserves the right to modify or discontinue this promotion at any time for orders not yet accepted. All services are subject to Fusion Connect’s Basic Terms and Conditions, and Service Addendums.