Optimize Your Microsoft Environments

    Microsoft 365 with Copilot, Defender, and Azure.

    Unlock Your Microsoft 365 Potential with Fusion Connect

    Streamline and optimize your Microsoft investments.

    Drive efficiency and growth in your digital landscape. Fusion Connect provides your business with tailored licensing solutions. Your Microsoft 365 suite is not just a tool, but a strategic asset.

    Align Your Goals

    Expert assessments and personalized consultations ensure your Microsoft 365 licensing aligns with your business objectives, maximizing impact and value.

    Simplify and Save

    Navigate the complexity of Microsoft licensing with ease. Our flexible, cost-efficient strategies and dedicated support streamline processes, saving time and reducing overhead.

    Integrated Solutions

    Seamlessly integrate Cloud Voice with your Microsoft 365 licensing, enhancing collaboration and communication while optimizing costs and resources.

    Productivity, Security, and Deployment Revolutionized

    Elevate Productivity and Collaboration

    • Core productivity apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • Collaboration tools: Teams, Loop, SharePoint, OneDrive
    • Flexible work: Seamless integration across devices
    • Copilot for AI-enhanced insights and workflows

    Enhanced Enterprise-Grade Security and Device Management

    • Protect Office mobile apps
    • Manage and secure Windows PCs
    • Uniform security configurations
    • Always-on Windows Defender
    • Copilot for automated security and compliance

    Streamlined Device Deployment and User Setup

    • Single admin console for management
    • Auto-install Office apps on Windows
    • Always updated with the latest Office + Windows
    • Easy PC deployment with Autopilot
    • Copilot enhances setup with AI optimization

    Optimize with Microsoft 365

    Enterprise and Mid-Market Licensing Solutions

    Unlock efficiency and collaboration with Fusion Connect's Microsoft 365 licensing, enhanced by Microsoft Copilot and Voice for Teams. Tailored options ensure your business achieves full productivity, security, and communication potential.

    Microsoft 365 E3

    Advanced productivity and security with options for Copilot, and integration with Voice for Teams.

    Microsoft 365 E5

    Premier suite offering top-tier productivity, security, and communication capabilities, including options for Copilot, and integration with Voice for Teams.

    Microsoft 365 Business Premium

    Ideal for Mid-Market, combining essential productivity tools, security, and device management, including options for Copilot, and integration with Voice for Teams.

    Maximize Collaboration with Voice for Microsoft Teams

    Seamlessly merge your Microsoft 365 ecosystem and applications through Fusion Connect’s Voice Services for Microsoft Teams. Enable effortless calling capabilities for your employees, allowing them to connect with anyone, anywhere — all directly within Microsoft Teams.

    Start your Voice journey
    Microsoft Teams allows collaboration access to files and direct communication with your teams

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