The Community YMCA Case Study

    The Community YMCA of Monmouth County switched to Fusion Connect Business Voice for an improved full-featured, unified phone system.

    The Challenge

    • Each of six locations had its own legacy on-premises phone system, which made it impossible to transfer calls among locations
    • Telecom expenses increased as aging phone systems became more time-consuming and difficult to manage and repair
    • Planning to move its main location to another town, The Community YMCA would have lost phone numbers that had been widely publicized

    The Solution

    • Switching to a cloud-based phone system let the the non-profit retain its familiar phone numbers and streamline call handling including seamless transfers
    • Fusion Connect Hosted Voice provides more features at a significantly lower cost
    • Included mobility features, such as Visual Voicemail with Transcription, help YMCA staff use their business line on their personal mobile phone

    The Results

    • Cloud-based technology services such as Hosted Voice help The YMCA control costs and serve more people with affordable programs and services
    • Significant cost savings on voice and long distance, which The YMCA passes along to its clients in the form of affordable participant fees

    Modern Technology Vision

    The Community YMCA of Monmouth, New Jersey serves 17 communities from 6 locations. Each of The Y’s facilities had a different phone system – some inherited as The Y grew and acquired new locations. The system disparity meant that incoming calls could not be transferred to a staff person in a different location. Some locations did not have voicemail boxes, and aging equipment became problematic to repair and manage.

    Planning to move its main location to a different city, The Y discovered that relocating would mean having to change phone numbers the non-profit had relied on – and publicized – for years. The Community YMCA sought the advice of IT vendor Two River Technology Group. Two River Tech recommended an all-VoIP system, and YMCA executives selected Fusion Connect Hosted Voice.


    Advanced Solution at a Lower Cost

    By consolidating locations on a single cloud-based phone system with Fusion Connect Hosted Voice, the YMCA gets a better solution including unlimited nationwide calling, and still saves significantly on its monthly phone bill. One hundred twenty YMCA staff now have more than 50 calling and call management features that come standard with Fusion Connect Hosted Voice. They can dial any other extension using just three digits.

    Best of all, the YMCA staff person who answers an outside call can easily transfer the call to the right location or party. “It’s so much easier for our team members, and for the person calling,” says Rhonda Anderson, President and CEO.


    Business Line Goes Mobile

    Anderson, who is often away from her desk to attend meetings at other Y locations or out of town, likes the mobility features included with Fusion Connect Hosted Voice, describing them as “Awesome.” She relies on advanced call forwarding features and Visual Voicemail with Transcription. These Hosted Voice mobility features let her use her Fusion Connect business line on her personal mobile phone.

    “Away from the office, I can check business voicemail delivered to my email Inbox on my phone, either by listening to it, or quickly glancing at the transcription,” says Anderson. “With Fusion Connect Hosted Voice, I don’t miss business calls, nor do I need to record an out-of-office message. People can continue to reach me, wherever I am.”


    Cost Savings Impact the Community

    This coming year, Anderson and her team plan to expand programs that affect the lives, and livelihood, of children and adults. Plans include increasing the reach of an in-school therapeutic counseling program and a diabetes prevention program, as well as expanding a school-age obesity prevention program called “Healthy You” into new grade levels.

    Savings that result from modernizing and outsourcing The Y’s IT infrastructure and phone system directly help fund the YMCA’s program growth. “Two River Technology Group and Fusion Connect are our technology partners. Because of the technology services and support that both companies provide, we’re able to achieve efficiency and cost reduction,” says Anderson.

    The Y invests those savings back into services and programs in four ways: keeping the cost of fees and services low; supporting funding for scholarships; expanding existing services; and developing new programs. “Holding down communications costs with Fusion Connect Hosted Voice directly benefits our constituents – the people we serve in our community,” explains Anderson.


    Improved Features & Savings

    “Holding down communications costs with Fusion Connect Hosted Voice directly benefits our constituents…”

    —Rhonda Anderson, President and CEO, The Community YMCA

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    Who is The Community YMCA?

    The Community YMCA, a charitable organization, provides safe, high quality childcare, before and afterschool care, arts enrichment, and teen leadership programs in 17 communities and 48 schools throughout Monmouth County, New Jersey. Its dynamic summer camp experiences attract hundreds of campers to Camp Zehnder. The Y also serves individuals and families with health, counseling, and social services programs. Financial assistance is available on a needs-based, sliding scale.

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    “With Fusion Connect Hosted Voice, I don’t miss business calls, nor do I need to record an out-of-office message. People can continue to reach me, wherever I am.”

    Rhonda Anderson, President and CEO, The Community YMCA


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