Analog POTS Line

Digital Transformation for Your Communications Infrastructure

The POTS Line to Digital Business Line Challenge

Copper phone lines that support Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) are subject to ongoing price increases and will be decommissioned over time. This is being driven by the high cost to maintain copper lines that have limited utility in a modern business world.

POTS Line or VoIP?

Fusion Connect’s Analog Line Replacement Solutions

Use Cases

Analog Endpoint Devices

Many devices in office and campus locations still use copper lines for fax machines, point of sale (POS) terminals, vending machines, ATMs, gate entry systems, and paging systems.

Fusion Connect Solutions

Digital Business Line

An analog telephone adapter solution which delivers a cost effective and reliable solution for these analog devices.

Use Cases

Analog Fire, Elevator, and Security Alarms

Legacy elevator, security, and fire alarms generally use POTS lines to deliver a stable and reliable connection. To conform to NFPA 72-standards, next generation communications systems require a redundant power source with a minimum of 24 hours of power.

Fusion Connect Solutions

Digital Business Line with Battery Back-up

A phone line with UPS providing a back-up battery that conforms to the NFPA 72 standards. If you require redundant connectivity this may be provided with another analog line or optional wireless broadband service. This can deliver a resilient and reliable solution to keep critical phone services connected.

Use Cases

Analog Employee and Reception Phones

Traditional desk and reception phone lines that run across a POTS or Centrex line into a business to deliver dial tone to individual phones.

Fusion Connect Solutions

Hosted Voice

A full-featured, cloud-based phone service delivered over an internet connection to provide reliable office phones, that can also be used on PCs and mobile devices. No need to manage expensive central equipment or onsite hardware (PBX).

Transform Your Communications

Digital Business Line

The Fusion Connect Digital Business Line solution provides:

  • Single or redundant connectivity using Internet and optional wireless broadband connections
  • Battery backup that conforms to NFPA 72 standards by providing 8+ hours of alternate power in the event of a power outage
  • Guaranteed price, depending on system configuration
  • Future-proof technology that will service your business for years to come, depending on system configuration
Digital Business Line

Hosted Voice

The Fusion Connect hosted voice service is a modern cloud-based solution that provides:

  • Full featured phone service that includes optional call center functionality
  • Future-proof technology that is designed to work on fixed phones, as well as across PCs (Mac and Windows) and mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • Collaboration tools like chat and video conferencing to support a modern, hybrid workforce
  • Keep your existing phone numbers for no loss in business continuity and connectivity
  • Visual voicemail with transcription of each message
  • Many other features, including simultaneous and sequential ring, follow-me, speed dial, and more…
Hosted Voice with UCaaS

Law Firm Upgrades & Saves with Digital Transformation

When the costs for employee's analog POTS Lines rose considerably, the HGN Law Firm turned to Fusion Connect for a reliable phone service alternative that could seamlessly be accessed in offices coast-to-coast.

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