Spot On Networks Case Study

    “We have been so happy with the Fusion Connect experience that we have recommended Fusion Connect to other companies.”

    —Don Robinson, Director of Network Operations

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    The Challenge

    Don Robinson, Director of Network Operations for Spot On Networks, was tasked with migrating Spot On Networks from its existing voice service provider to a new service provider.

    Don had already analyzed over a half dozen different hosted service providers by the time he contacted Fusion Connect. Thus, he had an understanding of what he did and did not want. Don explains, “I put it out there that I did not want a sales pitch, I wanted specific answers to very specific and fundamental questions regarding what they (Fusion Connect) could offer and at what price. I needed someone technical who could talk the talk to me.”

    “We had some very specific needs,” said Don. “We required an ACD system to handle incoming calls made to our customer service center and also handle calls from different segments within our company.”

    ”We also needed the ability to pull call statistics for staffing levels and training. We wanted to have an auto attendant answer calls and have the option to go to a live receptionist with auto attendant at night. We also wanted additional functionality so that when the live attendant is not available, we would be able to roll over to full auto attendant.”


    The Solution

    Fusion Connect, regardless of service or application, strives to work with the customer in making installations as seamless and painless as possible. This practice is illustrated by Don’s description of the installation of the [Hosted Voice] solution at Spot On Networks: “I provided to Fusion Connect a spreadsheet of all phones to be cut over, floor location and type of phone, along with all addresses of home users and the office for the E911 data base information.

    All of our phones now work off of standard Power Over Ethernet switches, which is so much better than having power cords everywhere. Spot On provided the switches while Fusion Connect provided the phones as part of their service. Fusion Connect worked with me to plan a cut over that fit my schedule. They met me at Spot On’s offices at 6:30 AM, cut over at 7:00 AM and within 20 minutes the new Fusion Connect system was fully operational!”

    “We had one issue at our CEO’s house and Fusion Connect sent a tech out to his house and corrected the issue,” explains Don. “That situation speaks to Fusion Connect’s commitment to its customers. We have been so happy with the Fusion Connect experience that we have recommended Fusion Connect to other companies.”

    “The first step I took with Fusion Connect was a webinar demo which gave me a great overview of their portal functionality and reporting functions. It took about 20 minutes and I had a chance to ask in depth questions about what they could do for my company. I would highly recommend taking that first step for anyone evaluating hosted voice providers or even those looking to upgrade their onsite hardware.”


    Who is Spot On Networks?

    Spot On Networks is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) providing managed WiFi in medium to large residential multifamily properties and commercial common areas. Spot On Networks provides very cost effective, secure, high-speed wireless internet access, and managed telecommunications services to residential and commercial properties.

    Spot On Networks also develops wireless energy management, building automation, and security monitoring solutions (WiFiPlus+®) that help properties to save money on utilities, earn LEED credits and reduce their carbon footprint.

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    “We have been so happy with the Fusion Connect experience that we have recommended Fusion Connect to other companies.”

    Don Robinson, Director of Network Operations


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