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    The John Stewart Company partnered with Fusion Connect to launch Microsoft 365,
    offering a streamlined, holistic platform for collaboration in an always-on hybrid work environment.

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    • Industry: Real Estate
    • Company Size: Enterprise (1000-5000 employees)
    • Location: California
    • Solutions: Microsoft Services
    • Key Benefits:
      • Streamlined collaboration solutions
      • Expert consultants
      • White-glove client service

    Optimizing a Hybrid Work Environment with a Simplified Solution

    Misha Tyukin, director of IT at The John Stewart Company, is responsible for technology operations connecting the organization’s 1,500 employees across five locations in California. As the largest affordable housing property management company in California, serving more than 400 properties, 30,000 residential units and 100,000 residents, maintaining uninterrupted connectivity for employees is essential for operations.

    With a hybrid workforce spanning multiple locations, investing in a cloud-based, business productivity platform became a top priority. In collaboration with Fusion Connect, Tyukin and the team worked to identify a solution to streamline IT administration through a centralized environment that was intuitive and easy to use for employees to adopt.

    Microsoft Teams allows collaboration access to files and direct communication with your teams

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    Tyukin’s strategic goals and budget perimeters were top of mind as the team developed a customized plan to leverage the comprehensive features included in Microsoft 365, combined with Fusion Connect’s expert-level consulting and implementation services.

    Due to the long-term, close partnership established, Fusion Connect and The John Stewart Company teams were able to seamlessly collaborate to assess the company’s business needs, evaluate their existing license structure with Microsoft, and identify areas where services could be converged for ease of use and cost saving.

    Accelerated Collaboration, Streamlined Operations, and Realized Cost Savings

    The John Stewart Company was able to take advantage of Fusion Connect’s flexible licensing options that include several straight-forward, usage-based plans, coupled with real-time expert-level support for Microsoft 365 to ensure a seamless implementation.

    The first step was transitioning to a modern, more efficient solution, from a hosted email exchange service to Microsoft 365. The initial phase included converting 1,500 email accounts to Microsoft 365 with minimal disruption of service to employees. Microsoft 365’s comprehensive offerings were then leveraged to migrate the company’s data infrastructure to SharePoint and OneDrive, eliminating a redundant service.

    “It’s about opening new doors and windows, maximizing apps such as Microsoft Teams, rolling out the online-only model and identifying additional cross-over technology points that can be eliminated due to the completeness of Microsoft 365,” said Tyukin.


    A Future-Proof Collaboration Strategy

    By partnering with Fusion Connect, The John Stewart Company flawlessly implemented a communication and collaboration strategy harnessing the comprehensive features of Microsoft 365, combined with Fusion Connect’s connectivity services.

    Equipping employees with Microsoft 365 fosters an environment of greater productivity and collaboration by offering a single, robust platform for employees to connect and work conveniently in a hybrid workplace. Cost savings were achieved by eliminating redundant technologies replaced by Microsoft 365.

    The simplified administration of Microsoft 365 frees up additional time for the IT team to focus on strategic business priorities and offers the agility to easily scale support as needed without compromising service or quality.


    The John Stewart Company

    The John Stewart Company partnered with Fusion Connect to launch Microsoft 365, offering a streamlined, holistic platform for collaboration in an always-on hybrid work environment.

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