Swim USA Case Study

    Swim USA turned to Fusion Connect to build a scalable service model for Microsoft 365 and email.

    The Right Tools & Services

    “Our experience with Fusion Connect over the past 10 years illustrates their commitment to industry-leading levels of service, support and customer focus. We gladly recommend them to anyone looking to shift workload into the cloud and transform their business operations.”

    —Peter Sebastionelli, Director of IT & Information Security

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    The Challenge

    • Swim USA’s fundamental need was a streamlined and cost-effective procurement model for Microsoft Office licensing and email service delivery
    • Systems were on a legacy Hosted Exchange network – difficult and time consuming to manage, prompting a search for a more agile and flexible solution

    The Solution

    • Fusion Connect and Swim USA perfromed a benefit analysis of Office365 licensing costs vs. the legacy Hosted Exchange environment utilizing a combination of factors, including: cost of legacy Select Plus Enterprise Agreement, Office365 seat types and quantity limitations, feature sets, pricing, user software requirements, and mailbox sizes
    • Swim USA concluded by migrating to Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), they would be able to enjoy additional features with significantly lower maintenance and costs

    The Results

    • Swim USA has been able to successfully establish a predictable and scalable service model for Microsoft 365 and email resulting in lower administrative overhead for the IT department
    • Fusion Connect managed the migration project from the legacy email system and met Swim USA’s expectations. “An on-premises email system migration to the cloud is no small effort, and Fusion Connect handled it in expert fashion,” says Peter Sebastionelli.
    • Peter continued, “Utilizing Fusion Connect as our email MSP has enabled our IT department to focus on supporting and growing the business with innovative technology, instead of maintaining a substantial amount of commodity technology.”

    Expanding Digital Footprint

    Swim USA and Fusion Connect first connected in 2009, through a company acquisition, one which had a small Hosted Exchange subscription. As Swim USA grew and transformed in the pre-Office365 era, they found Fusion Connect to continue to be a great business partner therefore opting to continue expanding their digital footprint. The combination of Industry Trends, Best Practice, Agile IT, Cloud-First Ideology and Improved Service Delivery all prompted research into an Microsoft 365 migration.

    In August 2013, Swim USA migrated their legacy Hosted Exchange service to an on-premises Lotus Domino system comprising the bulk of corporate users, to Fusion Connect’s Hosted Exchange platform.


    Cost Savings

    With the new Microsoft 365 system, Swim USA associates can rest assured that they continually have the latest version of Microsoft Office with all of the great benefits and features it offers as well as an IT team that is able to rapidly and effectively provision services to keep their teams productive - all while maintaining a predictable cost structure.

    “When our associates have the right tools and services available to them, they are equipped to do their job to the fullest. This translates into improved customer relationships, higher quality of work and increased responsiveness to customer needs. Don’t be afraid to adopt a Cloud-First strategy after doing an appropriate risk assessment. There is little value in maintaining certain technologies in-house, email and Office licensing is one of those considerations,” says Peter Sebastionelli, Director of IT & Information Security.


    Who is Swim USA?

    SWIM USA is a premier partner for branded, licensed and private label swimwear. For over 80 years, SWIM USA has been the industry leader in design, fit, pattern making, merchandising, research and development, innovation and sourcing. The company specializes in women’s, missy and plus size swimwear as well as men’s, juniors and related cover-ups. SWIM USA’s goal is to manufacture and produce the best quality fashion swimwear in the market, focusing on continuous quality improvement, total customer satisfaction and constant innovation.


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    “Utilizing Fusion Connect as our email MSP has enabled our IT department to focus on supporting and growing the business with innovative technology, instead of maintaining a substantial amount of commodity technology.”

    Peter Sebastionelli, Director of IT & Information Security


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