Advanced Edge Security

Comprehensive Security Solutions for Business

Protect Your Network & Prevent Downtime

Centralize security management and reduce demands on your IT staff with Fusion Connect’s Advanced Edge Security services. The multi-layered security service safeguards your network and information assets using a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device or service on the network. Protect your business against malware, viruses, spam, and emerging cyber threats.

Choose Managed Security from Fusion Connect for:


Fast Deployment

Deploy in only minutes using zero-touch cloud provisioning.


Detailed Reporting

Powerful security reports give your team the data they need to better manage and protect your network.


Ease of Management

Fully-managed security solutions minimize cost, hassle, risk, and scalability limitations. Licensing is simpler to manage per appliance.

Multi-layered UTM

Protect Against Malicious Attacks and Costly Downtime


Next-Gen Firewall

The first line of defense against network intrusions and threats. Traffic-shaping technology analyzes network flow and enforces access control policies that give your critical applications priority access to the Internet.


Anti-Malware & Virus Protection

Minimize network disruptions by stopping malware and viruses before they reach your network. Anti-phishing protection identifies and blocks attempts to steal sensitive information.


Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Our best-in-class Intrusion Detection and Prevention service provides real-time monitoring and protection from network and application attacks.


Content Filtering

Use the Internet while remaining protected from inappropriate and/or harmful content.


Application Control

Mitigate risk by blocking and restricting execution of malicious applications on network endpoints.


Interactive Reports

Help network administrators monitor attacks, viruses, and more, as well as identify attack sources and patterns.

Advanced Security with SSL Inspection/Decryption Support

Protect from attacks that use HTTPS and other commonly used SSL-encrypted protocols including SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS, and FTPS. When full SSL inspection is used, the security appliance impersonates the recipient of the originating SSL session, then decrypts and inspects the content. The appliance then re-encrypts the content, creates a new SSL session between the appliance and the recipient by impersonating the sender, and sends the content to the sender.

Security & Redundancy—Simplified for the Enterprise

By centralizing the enforcement of your network access policies in the Fusion Connect network, you may efficiently update your network topology without having to reconfigure your security devices.

Whether you are using one of Fusion Connect’s numerous cloud connectivity solutions, or leveraging a 3rd-party failover circuit, rest assured that all your network traffic will be subject to the same security and content policies you have defined for the entire enterprise.

How Network Downtime Impacts Your Business

How Downtime Impacts Your Business, And How To Avoid It

Loss of internet and phone connectivity can mean great loss of profits and productivity. Read on to see the stats and figures. Plus, learn how your business can avoid becoming a negative statistic.

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