Remote Workforce Solutions

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Whether it is to maintain operations during a pandemic or natural disaster, reduce office crowding, or serve as a recruiting perk, your business can be ready for the hybrid workforce movement with tools from Fusion Connect.

Get More Than Video Conferencing. Your Business Needs:

  • Secure Network Access with VPN
  • Proactive Threat Management and Failover Solutions with Advanced Edge Security (UTM) and SD-WAN
  • One Business Phone Number Across Devices
  • Cloud-based Call Centers
  • UCaaS Collaboration Tools with HD Video and Crystal Clear Call Conferencing

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Being proactive about using remote working tools ensures business continuity in the face of any disruptions - from natural disasters to security breaches.

Benefits of Sustaining a Remote Workforce

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Benefits for Employers

  • Attract and retain greater talent
  • Cost savings on real estate, furniture, equipment, and office cleaning
  • Ensure business continuity during unforeseen disruptions
  • Provide a better work/life balance that avoids time-consuming commutes
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Benefits for Managers

  • Employees stay connected and productive during business disruptions
  • Flexible working builds loyalty, increased morale, and employee satisfaction
  • File sharing for easier review processes
  • Communication grows with remote working as it prompts collaboration
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Benefits for Employees

  • Enjoy greater scheduling flexibility
  • Reduced commuting considerably reduces stress on the employees mind and body
  • More employment opportunities without relocating
  • Potentially reduce distractions to get more done

Fusion Connect Helps Your Business Embrace the Remote Workforce

UCaaS with Webex on multiple devices

Already using Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams? Adding Fusion Connect Calling Services to either platform can allow your employees to make and receive calls to individuals outside your organization, at a substantially lower price than other services.

Calling Services with MS Teams

One Business Number Across Devices

Cloud PBX (Hosted Voice) moves your business phone service to the cloud. Hosted Voice allows you to use your business number and Caller ID from anywhere: Your desk or conference room phone, computer softphone, or smartphone.

  • Easy Call Forwarding with the same Caller ID. Move or redirect a call without disconnecting ensuring a seamless, professional calling experience.
  • Call Recording. Improve your call center management, customer service, and training with inbound/outbound call recording.
  • Visual Voicemail with Transcription allows you to receive fax and voicemails in your inbox as audio files or transcribed emails.
  • Integrates with popular business applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Netsuite, or Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Unified Communications with Webex takes Unified Communications (UCaaS) to a whole new level. Take advantage of the many collaboration features such as shared spaces and white boarding, in addition to IM/chat, video conferencing, calling, screen share, and file transfer.

Cloud-based Call Centers

Fusion Connect’s cloud-based call center solutions support work from anywhere and are easy to scale and manage.

  • Automated Call Distribution. Ensure friendly and efficient service to your customers by directing customer call queries to the correct customized queue, priority, and agent wherever they are.
  • Choice of Device. Agents and supervisors can use their choice of device – desk phone, softphone, or mobile. With the UCaaS apps, you also get additional features such as chat/IM, presence, file and screen share, and more.
  • Web Console. Manage agents, escalation options, status, queues, and queued calls all from one web-based dashboard. All inbound call data can be accessed anytime and anywhere in an online portal.
  • Business Continuity. In case of a natural disaster or disruption calls can be rerouted to alternate locations or remote workers.
Network and Security

Secure Network Access

Fusion Connect reduces the business risk associated with remote access. Managed security services enable employees to securely access your corporate network.

  • Consolidate your office locations onto a single private network with Fusion Connect private networking and security services. Off-site employees can access sensitive files securely over the internet.
  • Protect corporate data and networks against malicious attacks and costly downtime with Unified Threat Management.
  • All Fusion Connect SD-WAN services are fully managed by our team of experts from design through support. You get a tailored network design, with security at the edge, optimized performance for your critical applications, and real time network failover.
  • Fusion Connect’s managed SD-WAN Enterprise ensures high priority calls are routed over the cleanest WAN connection to eliminate dropped calls, choppy sound quality, and echoes.
Remote worker with tablet

Remote Access VPN

Remote Access VPN allows secure connections to a private network from a remote location. It is one of the best tools for a secure remote team.

  • Powerful encryption ensures only authorized users can access your network or files. Off-site employees who need access to sensitive company data or files can do so securely. Your customers gain safe access to enterprise data and apps.
  • Use your company’s preferred remote working tools anywhere on any device. Employees can securely access the VPN using their choice of device – smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Fusion Connect’s Remote Access VPN services work in conjunction with Fusion Connect’s SD-WAN and MPLS services. It can be fully integrated into the network environment in less time than it takes to build an infrastructure solution.

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How Remote Work is Changing the Business Dynamic

The global COVID-19 pandemic caused a huge evolution in the modern business dynamic as more businesses shifted to remote work. Business leaders have had to quickly adapt to the change, while also responding effectively to unforeseen problems of transitioning to a remote work environment. As a result, being open to new ideas and practices has been critical. New tools, such as remote employee management software, are necessary to support the shift to remote work.

With businesses preparing for life after the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders must start developing remote work structures that support their companies long-term. Here are three work trends that will continue into the future:

  1. Flexibility around where employees choose to work. Research shows that employees that spend the majority of their working tie at home are considerably more engaged than those who spend most of the time working at the office. And we know that employee engagement contributes to your company’s overall revenue and bottom line. Companies with highly engaged employees have significantly higher revenues and lower absenteeism.

    A hybrid workplace that allows employees to work from home at least part of the time provides the best of both worlds, because it leads to increased worker productivity and happiness over the long-term. It also allows for in-person training and meetings, while still providing employees with the autonomy of working from home.
  2. Time-zone alignment and employee choice as company perks. Silicon Valley companies started the trend of in-office perks like free massages, food, and coffee bars. But the trend is moving towards giving employees more choice, flexibility, and time-zone alignment rather than in-office extras.

    Research shows that time-zone alignment across a team is the most crucial factor when it comes to being most productive when working from home. Leaders may want to create teams based on time-zone alignments and offer flexibility on when and where work happens.
  3. Performance is about quality, rather than time spent working. Businesses need to cultivate a culture of trust to develop healthy remote work structures. Work performance should be based less on how many hours employees spend working a day, and more around specific goals and key performance indicators. Employees should be given the flexibility to choose when, where, and how they complete their work, as long as they are meeting their individual goals and performing well.

What Are Remote Workforce Solutions?

As companies continue to embrace a remote workforce, solutions are needed to ensure the workflows and systems of a business are optimized.

Remote workforce management software can be the tool you need to take your remote management to the next level. Remote workforce management refers to the practice of managing and leading your remote workers. This management system usually includes a combination of technology, processes, and communication to lead a more productive and happier remote workforce. That’s where remote workforce solutions come into play. A remote working software solution can help you and your business effectively manage your remote workers.

Remote Workforce Solutions: The Best Way to Manage Your Team

Here are some of our best practices for supporting remote workers:

  • Create clear expectations and guidelines. Steer clear of micromanaging your employees, as this can make them feel like there is no work culture of trust, resulting in less happiness, less engagement, and less productivity. It is also important to set clear expectations and guidelines, so employees understand what is needed from them terms of goals, performance tracking, work schedules and other crucial parts of their jobs.
  • Have regular check-ins. Once you have set expectations and guidelines, it is important to have regular conversations with employees to share concerns, questions, or updates. Check-ins should be both one-on-one and team meetings, so that everyone can discuss concerns individually and as a group. Depending upon your organizational needs and culture, you may have daily, weekly, or monthly check-ins.
  • Listen to your employees. It is crucial to make sure that communication is two-way. Listen to your team members and solicit their feedback regarding the remote work experience. This can be accomplished through regular check-ins or surveys.
  • Invest in digital tools. To help employees achieve top performance, it’s essential to invest in digital remote management tools and remote work software and infrastructure. These tools for remote teams can be used for communications, meetings, sharing data and information, and other parts of employees’ daily work routines.
  • Celebrate achievements. Take time to celebrate your employees’ achievements, both individual and team milestones. It can be difficult to remember to celebrate accomplishments when people are not located in the same office, but it remains important to recognize success all the same.
  • Set aside time for social interaction. Take time for socializing with your team. Consider planning virtual game nights, happy hours, or other events. You can even host these virtual events on the same digital tools you use for your daily work.

Choose Fusion Connect

Looking for remote workforce solutions for your hybrid team? Fusion Connect can help.

We provide businesses with the important remote workforce software platforms and scalable services to enable the connected enterprise. When you choose Fusion Connect, you get more than a solution. You get a partner that believes technology can transform the way you do business.

Fusion Connect Helps Businesses Transition

Drum Communications Quickly Switches to Remote Access to Avoid Business Failure

Disaster Relief with UCaaS

“Due to COVID-19, my client had to close their business and shift their employees to remote work. To keep the business running, they needed a mobile solution that allowed their employees to connect via video calling, instant message, and one-click conferencing.

“I knew that FusionWorks Unified Communications was the solution to their problem. I contacted Fusion Connect and we were able to deliver the application the next morning. My client was ecstatic with our ability to transition them so quickly to this remote access solution.”

—Jeff Walker, Drum Communications