IT Solutions for a Remote Workforce

Remote Workforce Solutions

Be Ready to Work From Anywhere

Whether it’s to maintain operations during a pandemic or natural disaster, alleviate office crowding, or serve as a perk to recruit top talent, your business can be remote-ready with tools from Fusion Connect.

  • Secure Network Access
  • Web Conferencing
  • One Phone Number Across Devices
  • Scalable Contact Centers
  • Collaboration & Productivity Apps
  • Wireless Broadband

A remote workforce and the technology that underpins it, can be part of a larger business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

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How Fusion Connect Enables Remote Work

  • Secure Network Access

  • Enterprise-class Web Conferencing

  • Hosted Phone Service

  • Cloud-based Call Centers

  • Hosted Business Applications

  • Wireless Broadband

Enable employees to securely access your corporate network for the documents, files and apps they need while reducing the business risk associated with remote access.

  • Consolidate your office locations onto a single private network, with Fusion private networking and security services
  • Protect corporate data and networks, with the convenience of having Fusion Connect experts manage the process
  • Off-site employees who need to access sensitive company data and files can do so securely over the internet with our Remote Access VPN offering
  • If your mobile workforce is heavily dependent on VoIP and/or SaaS, prioritizing network traffic is crucial for efficiency and performance. Use Fusion Managed SD-WAN to to prioritize the traffic on applications your team needs most

Secure and robust web conferencing solution for up to 140 participants.

  • Every user gets a conference code and leader PIN for on-demand conferencing 24/7. Host and record audio conferences using simple desktop and mobile clients
  • Powerful Unified Communications features such as chat/IM, presence, file share, screen share, and video or audio conferencing
  • One-click conferencing with easy-to-pass presenter controls
  • Guests have multiple ways to join and the same functionality as an internal user - including presenter and screen share
  • Secure and confidential
  • Easy for IT to deploy and employees to use

Traditional phone systems offer little flexibility for remote work. Cloud PBX (Hosted Voice) offers native support for mobile and remote work environments and supports business continuity.

  • Use your business number and calling plan at your desk, or on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Get voicemails delivered to your Inbox as audio files and transcribed to text
  • Users can redirect calls to the device of their choosing, and make or receive calls across devices using the company calling plan
  • Hosted Voice integrates with popular business applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Hosted Voice with Unified Communications (UC) offers remote work-friendly communications features such as presence, instant message/chat, video chat, file transfer, and screen sharing
    Features of Unified Communications

Premises-based contact (or call) center solutions are not designed for remote workers. But cloud-based contact centers support work from anywhere and are easy to scale.

  • Flexibly share call queues with agents located anywhere. Agents simply need access to the device-agnostic UC app downloaded to a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop
    Features of Unified Communications
  • Agents can take and place calls from their physical handset or from the UC app that gives them additional features such as chat/IM, presence, file share, screen share, and more
  • Supervisors and Managers get the features they need - all web-based - to manage, coach, and train agents, and manage queues, such as monitor, barge, whisper, and reporting

Harness the power of hosted business applications to increase efficiency, collaboration and teamwork.

  • Office 365 enables secure collaboration on team documents. Remote workers can access their documents, and even co-author documents in real-time
  • Use Hosted Exchange for accessing email and calendars without having to VPN in first
  • With Hosted SharePoint your business teams can create their own websites to securely store, organize, share and access information from any device through a web browser

Wireless Broadband delivers 3G, 4G, and 5G high-speed wireless Internet service to any location in the U.S. Requiring minimal equipment and wiring, it is flexible and fast to deploy.

  • Use as a wireless backup solution for your existing Internet service
  • Great for temporary locations, like construction offices and pop-up shops
  • Use as quick-start service while waiting for your primary broadband connection to be installed
  • Access remote locations where wireline services are unavailable

Fusion Connect Helps Businesses Transition

Drum Communications

“Due to COVID-19, my client had to close their business and shift their employees to remote work. To keep the business running, they needed a mobile solution that allowed their employees to connect via video calling, instant message, and one-click conferencing.

“I knew that FusionWorks UC One was the solution to their problem. I contacted Fusion Connect and we were able to deliver the application the next morning. My client was ecstatic with our ability to transition them so quickly to this remote access solution. The solution was easy, required a limited learning curve and worked seamlessly for their business.”

Jeff Walker, Drum Communications

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