MegaPath Archive: Voice Learning Center

Note: These archived support documents are for legacy MegaPath Hosted Voice and MegaPath One services purchased before June 14, 2019.

How to Open Audio Conferencing Bridge

The conference Moderator can open the Audio Conferencing bridge using these steps:

  1. Dial the Audio Conferencing number (you may dial the extension if using a MegaPath phone)
  2. Enter the Conference ID number
  3. Record name
  4. Press the STAR (*) key for help once the music begins
  5. Press 9 to log in as a Moderator/Leader
  6. Enter Moderator/Leader PIN
  7. Next, you'll be placed into conference

Once the Moderator is placed into conference, the automated system attendant will announce if there are participants waiting to be placed into conference. When participants enter the conference, a beep will play.

Note: Conference participants join the conference by dialing the Audio Conferencing number plus the Conference ID number, and recording their name.