MegaPath Archive: Voice Learning Center

    Note: These archived support documents are for legacy MegaPath Hosted Voice and MegaPath One services purchased before June 14, 2019.

    Administrator Resources

    Use these guides to help you learn how to manage your users and services.

    User Management

    MegaPath Client Portal
    Login to the Client Portal to manage simple user tasks (reset passwords, swap phones, enable and disable features) and download call records.

    How Admins Reset a User's Voicemail PIN
    Learn how to reset a user's Voicemail PIN within the Client Portal.

    How Admins Reset a User's Voice Manager Password
    Learn how to reset a user's Voice Manager password within the Client Portal.

    How Admins Manage a User's Calling Features
    Learn how to manage features like Incoming and Outgoing Calls, Meet-Me Conferencing, and more.

    How Admins Manage a User's Calling Plan
    Learn how to manage Incoming and Outgoing Call Plans and Number Transfer.

    How Admins Configure Barge-In
    Learn how to set up Directed Call Pickup with Barge-In.

    Feature Configuration

    Alphabetized Admin Feature Configuration List
    Find service configurations using this alphabetized list.

    How Administrators Set Up Push To Talk
    Learn to set up and use the Push to Talk function.

    How to Create a Common Phone List
    Learn to set up and modify a Common Phone List.

    How to Set Up Authorization Codes
    Learn how to set up authorization codes.

    How to Enable Audio Conferencing Service
    Read instructions for enabling audio conference calls.

    How to Configure Instant Group Call
    Learn how to set up an instant call group.

    How to Configure Rings to Voicemail
    Learn how number of times your phone rings before calls are sent to voicemail.

    Auto Attendant & Hunt Groups

    Admin Guide for Auto Attendant
    Learn how to configure Auto Attendants.

    How to Record Auto Attendant Greeting
    Learn how to record your greeting for Auto Attendant.

    How to Configure Holiday Schedules
    Learn how to configure Holiday Schedules for Auto Attendants.

    How to Configure Time Schedules
    Learn how to configure Time Schedules for Auto Attendants.

    Admin Guide for Hunt Groups
    Learn how to configure Hunt Groups.

    Call Center

    Call Center Configuration
    How to configure your MegaPath Call Center.

    MegaPath Connector

    MegaPath Connector User Guide
    Learn how to use MegaPath Connector, which integrates your hosted voice service with Salesforce and other CRMs.

    MegaPath Fax Pro

    MegaPath Fax Pro Administrator Guide - Add Users
    For Administrators, learn how to add users to MegaPath Fax Pro.

    Instructor-Led Training

    Please contact your Fusion Connect Voice Project Manager or complete a Training Request Form to schedule live, online Voice training with a Fusion Connect instructor. Topics covered include how to get started with your service, using different phone models, managing your users, and completing every-day tasks related to managing your voice service for your company. See the entire curriculum on the Instructor-Led Training page.