MegaPath Archive: Voice Learning Center

    Note: These archived support documents are for legacy MegaPath Hosted Voice and MegaPath One services purchased before June 14, 2019.

    How to Configure Time Schedules

    Time Schedules are located under the Group Profile. They are used to configure the business hours for Auto Attendants. Time Schedules can also be applied to personal services, such as Call Notify, Priority Alert, and Selective Acceptance/Rejection/Forward.

    Note: Group Time Schedules can only be modified by an Administrator with Account Admin permission.

    To get started:

    1. Log in to the Client Portal
    2. Select Voice under Services
    3. Select Manage Now (Voice Administration)
    4. Select the (grp_) Group from the Group dropdown
    5. Select the Group Profile tab
    6. Select Time Schedules in the left navigation menu

    From this page you can:

    • Add a Time Schedule
    • Modify a Time Schedule
    • Rename a Time Schedule
    • Delete a Time Schedule

    Individual schedules are tabbed, and adding a new schedule will create a new tab.

    To Add a New Schedule:

    1. Click Add New Schedule at the bottom of the Time Schedules page
    2. Enter the Name of the Schedule
    3. Enter the events (daily schedule)
    4. Click OK to save

    Starting with the day of the week you wish to begin your schedule, click in the timeslot where you want you daily schedule to start and drag to the end time. Make sure to check the AM and PM dropdowns as appropriate. AM is the default.

    Your new event will now be displayed for that day. Continue to add events through the rest of the week as it applies to your business. When finished, click Save. After saving, the exclamation point next to the schedule name will no longer appear.

    To Rename a Schedule:

    1. Click Rename (a Name box opens)
    2. Enter the new schedule name
    3. Click OK to save.

    To Delete a Schedule:

    1. Click Delete (an Attention/Confirmation box opens)
    2. Click Yes

    Note: Before deleting a schedule, make sure you are on the correct tab for the schedule to plan to delete.

    To Modify an Existing Schedule

    1. Select the Time Schedule
    2. Move events by clicking and dragging them to desired times
    3. Edit events by hovering over the event with your mouse. Edit mode is indicated when the ends of the event turn to a shaded blue bar. In edit mode, you can increase or decrease the event time by dragging the end bars as needed. (In lieu of dragging, you can click in the existing event to change the start and end times.)
    4. Click Save

    Note: Once you start editing a schedule, you will see an exclamation point in the time schedule tab. It remains until you save your changes.

    To Delete an Event Within a Time Schedule

    1. Click the red X next to the event.