MegaPath Archive: Voice Learning Center

    Note: These archived support documents are for legacy MegaPath Hosted Voice and MegaPath One services purchased before June 14, 2019.

    How to Set Up Authorization Codes

    Authorization Codes are rules, set by the Customer Administrator, that tell the system what permission level Users have for placing certain types of outbound calls, and also how calls can be forwarded and transferred.

    To get started:

    1. Log in to the Client Portal
    2. Select Voice under Services
    3. Click Manage Now
    4. From the User dropdown, select a User
    5. From the Calling Features tab locate Calling Plans
    6. Click Edit
    7. Go to Outgoing Plan
    8. Enable Custom Settings
    9. Enter Authorization Code
    10. Enter Description, if desired
    11. Click Add
    12. Click Save