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I Just Got Hacked! What Do I Do Now?

Despite investments in security controls, cyber-attacks aren’t slowing down.

What can your organization do to better prepare, mitigate, and respond to security incidents?

Ken Morfort VP Security, Fusion Connect

Ken Morford
VP Security, Fusion Connect

Adam Gordon dutainer, ACI Learning

Adam Gordon
Edutainer, ACI Learning

Join Ken Morford, VP of Security at Fusion Connect, and Adam Gordon, Edutainer at ACI Learning, for an engaging conversation about the current challenges and actionable strategies to foresee, prepare, prevent, and respond to the inevitable cyberattack. Additionally, they will discuss the do-s and don’t-s when faced with a security incident, and more.

Watch to Learn:

  • 2022 security challenges for organizations large and small and how to mitigate threats.
  • Important steps to take when your organization is hacked. (And what not to do!)
  • Proactive steps your company can take now to prevent potential security incidents in the future.


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