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    Frictionless, But Not Human-less:
    Keeping Humanity at the Core of Your CX


    Jeanne Bliss
    Global leader, keynote speaker, and bestselling author on experience leadership and customer-driven growth.


    Kieran King
    Chief Customer Officer at Talkdesk


    Mike Travers
    Director, Customer Experience at Fusion Connect

    Humans Want a Human Experience!

    How do you ensure your entire organization lives and breathes human-centric CX from contact center agents to the executive leadership team?

    In this age of customer experience, companies have an opportunity to generate business growth through frictionless and human experiences – for both customers and employees.

    Watch to Learn:

    • Why putting humanity at the center of customer and employee experiences can be vital for your organization
    • How to secure executive buy-in—and a seat at the table—as a CX leader
    • How to get better feedback from customers, and how best to observe consumer behavior
    • The correlation between the employee and customer experience and how to continuously measure and refine them

    Watch Jeanne Bliss, Mike Travers, and Kieran King discus how they align companies around these experiences to drive loyalty and engagement with their employees and customers.

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